madhouse, COD (consume,obey, die), THE KILLA' and ‘the key’, they are all interconnected universes.

we're in bear season anyway, let's make this a little fun. today's selection is 'creature'. I would like to deepen his character a little more in your eyes.


’creature was not born in a day..’

it is the result of an accumulation. It is the result of all experiences. your experiences, his experiences... they all form a whole and represent a common consciousness.

cod #634
cod #634

‘it was shaped every day, every day it was born a different person from the day before..’

but this is not an action with an end.. every day we have a new experience and these experiences make us different from the day before.
the spiritual burden on his back caused a hump.-for him to remember that when he looks at himself for life.

cod #245
cod #245

‘and the creature is free compared the others..‘

because he has turned his back.. is this an acceptance? Is it the result of giving up? or let's ask a simpler question.

why did the creature turn its back? could he have lost all hope that had ever existed? It seems that there is no hope left and what is the load on your back that is causing your hump?

cod #634
cod #634

let's take a look at one of the early works, 'G-U-I-L-T-Y'.

---"my existence is a "G-U-I-L-T" and I will live with this burden forever."---

'634' is just an example where these burdens appear prominently. It’s an example of someone who always imagines himself to be high from the moment his existence begins to form, but constantly descends due to the burdens on his back.


but it paid a heavy price for that..

we don't get all these experiences so simply.. most of us pay a heavy price for it, but they are the costs that make us up. ‘642’ suffers a serious injury because of these costs. but isn't that what makes it him?

-can someone injure their own back? how did ‘642’ come to this? we don't get our experiences on our own.. we need to have other active roles in our lives in order to get them.. we are familiar with the fact that most of them are things that hurt and bring us down..

cod #642
cod #642

it knows pain and sorrow.. and it's never the same again..

---"consume, obey, die" within the system, a critical approach to our daily routines and daily habits.---

cod(consume, obey, die) is part of our daily routines... a story that feeds entirely on ourselves. 'creature' uses all his gains to continue his daily routine.. all those burdens, those pains are the product of his experiences.. so 'creature' knows pain and sorrow..

could it be this heavy pain and grief that made him turn his back?

what would you do with so much pain and sorrow?-could you be the same as you were the day before?

he couldn't..

so he created his own universe to be a completely independent new self within.

cod (consume,obey,die)
cod (consume,obey,die)

‘this is the lifestyle we are not used to..’

-fundamental,a type of pain and sorrow, creature. contrary to consumer, obedient and die.. he has set himself an unusual path.


I ask questions and tell a story.. the story of all of us.. answer these questions. you will read your own story..

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