K.I.A. Website Redesign

The Koala Intelligence Agency website has been rebuilt from the ground up.

The Rationale

To unify and embolden the K.I.A. branding, a consistent experience across all platforms is necessary. What better place to start than our very own homepage.

We also needed a single source of truth of our accomplishments and plans. This helps news and updates on the project to be easily accessible.

A new design will help modernize and elevate the brand of the Agency.

The Process

  1. Create a Design System
  2. Create Widgets
  3. Create Views
  4. Implement Design

We will use the very same design system to rebuild KNET. An exclusive hub for Koala Agents.

The UI Toolkit

We used Flutter as our UI toolkit. It allows us to create a consistent design across all platforms. There are many features out of the box which lets us express the theme and design language that we set out to build.

The Features

The homepage will now feature

  • The timeline of Roadmap V1 and upcoming initiatives
  • A brand new Gallery
  • The latest news
  • and more…
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