The $INTEL on 'The Recruits'

Roadmap V1 Recap

K.I.A. Ordinances

We distributed K.I.A. Ordinances to reward our Early Agents and other eligible agents in our Discord. These crates provided a unique utility to our Koala Agents. They unlocked exclusive traits in the Walla Den and it continues to receive additional disguises over time.

Hidden and Collector’s crates can be found on OpenSea

Walla Den

To promote operational flexibility, K.I.A. HQ developed a tool that enabled Koala Agents to switch disguises on the fly.

The Hidden and Collector’s Crate utility is unlocked by the Den, by providing agents exclusive traits.

Koala Agents with exclusive traits
Koala Agents with exclusive traits

The Agency has also airdropped other crates to celebrate holidays like Halloween 2021 and Holidays 2021. The crates provided seasonal disguises to enable agents to blend in better. See K.I.A. Case Files below:

Putting it all together

The development of the Walla Den provided us with great knowledge and insight on Agent customization. The K.I.A. Ordinances and Crates allowed us to create an asset that can enable further customization options.

But what do they mean in the grand scheme of things?

Recall, that the K.I.A. Roadmap V2 was never officially released. In fact, if you look back into the announcements, it was a draft paper that was leaked.

The real Roadmap V2 is a work-in-progress.

This article will shed some light on the initial phases of Roadmap V2.

The K.I.A. is an established name in the industry so we were very careful in implementing tokenomics which has unforeseen long-term implications. Our ecosystem needed a way to earn yield that would not affect our organization and our reputation. A solution comes to mind…

The Recruits

A Koala Recruit
A Koala Recruit

They are interns in the Agency that do tasks like boring paperwork and other bureaucratic meetings.

The Recruits are not companions. They are assistants, interns, and stand-ins. They do the dirty, boring, menial, and risque work while our Agents operate in the field. They supplement an Agent’s operational capacity.

The Recruits are a collection of young Koala Agents exclusive to Koala Agents. They are truly customizable and can earn $INTEL tokens.

The Technical Details

  • ERC-721 on ETH
  • Every Koala Agent NFT is entitled to one free mint of The Recruit NFT. (1 KIA = 1 Recruit)
  • CC0. No Rights Reserved. Public domain art.
  • 200+ traits
  • Fully Customizable
  • Staking to earn $INTEL

The Metadata

  • Head
  • Body
  • Gadget
  • Fur

Not in Present in the Metadata

  • Background
  • Eyes
  • Mouth

Rationale and $INTEL

The Recruits was cleverly designed to earn $INTEL tokens in our ecosystem - without compromising the K.I.A.

They will be owned by the community. All secondary sales will go to the Recruits DAO where the community will decide their fate.

The K.I.A. is not affiliated with the Recruits. They are a separate collection from the K.IA.

The Utility of $INTEL will be revealed but here are some plans we are playing with

  • Purchase Physical Wearables with INTEL
  • Used as the primary in-game currency for our upcoming games
  • Purchase additional crates for the Koala Agents
  • and more…

Recruit Specialization Crates

A Koala Agent can customize their Recruit to their liking using Recruit Specialization Crates (RSC).

These crates can be claimed using lazy minting, meaning we drop these into your wallet when you claim. (No Gas Fees required).

There are three different tiers of RSC which allow a certain level of customization.

Tier 1 RSC

Customize the following traits:

  • Head
  • Body
  • Gadget

Tier 2 RSC

A Collector’s Crate NFT is entitled to claim one Tier 2 RSC. (1 Collector’s Crate = 1 RSC T2)

  • All of Tier 1 RSC benefits
  • Can Customize Eyes and Mouth

Tier 3 RSC

A Hidden Crate NFT is entitled to claim one Tier 3 RSC. (1 Collector’s Crate = 1 RSC T2)

  • All of Tier 2 RSC Benefits
  • Can Customize Koala Fur

Crates are randomly distributed during claim/mint

Technical Details

  • ERC-1155 on MATIC
  • Lazy mint / airdropped
  • 1 Koala Agent = 1 random RSC
    • Randomized using Chainlink VRF
      • 70% chance of minting a Tier 1 RSC
      • 20% chance of minting a Tier 2 RSC
      • 10% chance of minting a Tier 3 RSC
  • 1 Collector’s Crate = 1 Tier 2 RSC
  • 1 Hidden Crate = 1 Tier 3 RSC

After using the RSC to customize the Recruit, the Recruit metadata is locked in and the crate cannot be used again.

Final Words

The OG Agents will always continue to stay relevant as we strengthen our brand and fulfill our greater mission of saving the world.

The Recruits will allow us to play with interesting tokenomics and build ecosystems without fear of regulatory backlash. Since the Recruits are fully community owned it cannot be deemed a security. And since $INTEL = $INTEL , it does not have any monetary value. In fact, the team will not set up a INTEL/ETH pool, (though the community may decide to set one up freely).

Wen Recruits?

Soon. We are aiming for February to March launch. Recruits, RSC, and staking will all go live in one-day.

Wen Game?

Soon. Game dev takes time. Stay tuned, we can’t wait to show you what we’ve been cooking up.

Until then…

The future lies in building the ecosystem through games and IRL events such as geocaching and scavenger hunts. The Recruits will enable the economy that powers that ecosystem.

We invite you to join us in the wild, amazing, future as we save the world AND have fun while doing it.

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