Maximizing the $MODE Airdrop with Kim

Well, howdy farmer. I can see you’re out here on these darned corn fields tryin’ to make a dime, too. Welp, if ya’ll wanna know how you can make sure your crops grow as darned high as they can ya better listen up.

If you haven’t heard yet, Mode Network is planning to airdrop 5.5%, 550m $MODE, of its total supply to users of the Mode ecosystem.

And that’s just for airdrop one(!).

We’re gonna drop you three top tips for maximizing your precious MODE Points with Kim and, thus, the incoming airdrop.

How Can I Get Started?

The Mode team is running a rolling Galxe campaign that you can find here.

On rotation, you can interact with featured projects on Mode to earn amplified Mode points. Tasks can be as simple as joining a Discord or following a Twitter account.

For instance, you can dive into the Kim x SuperchainOne campaign hosted by Mode right now and start earning those sweet, sweet, points, as well as a chance to take home stablecoin prizes!

To start earning and tracking points beyond Galxe, you’ll need to be active with dApps in the Mode ecosystem (like Kim!).

Head to this link to connect your wallet and start tracking your Mode points.

Need assets on Mode Network to start farming? Use this bridge.

Take a look at this wonderful guide from Coingecko for bridging and setting up your Mode Airdrop wallet.

Maximizing Points with Kim

Okay, so time for the real meat and potatoes. How can you use Kim to maximize your MODE Airdrop?

Let’s take a look:

  • 4x(!) MODE Points on your LP positions on Kim

    • Not only that, providing LP in the ETH <> USDC pool on Kim will earn additional rewards with Kim points, lottery tickets for a 2 ETH giveaway, trading fees, and more!

    • Okay, you think you’ve cracked it. “Hey, what if I just swap ETH <> wETH continuously on Kim, I’ve found an unlimited Mode and Kim points glitch!” - Alas, you have not. However, you will earn rewards swapping tokens in verified pools that aren’t an attempt at wash trading
  • Leverage LSTs/LSRTs

    • Liquid staking/restaking tokens open up a new opportunity - earn points by interacting with both Kim (by swapping/providing LP) and by staking/restaking your ETH. Take a look at the ezETH <> ETH pair.

End of Blog. Remilio.

Okay, that was a quick one. Just get to it, start yeeting and don’t start jeeting. $KIM token is soon(™). Get hyped and join us.

Join the community over on Discord or follow us on X/Twitter.

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