Dear ezETH holder, We Got You: ezETH Pool Rewards

My Dearest ezETH holders,

Many a night I have slept alone, awaiting your return.

When I lay alone and think of you, ezETH holders, I cannot help but be overcome with emotion.

How can it be, my dearest ezETH community, that you only receive the following:

  • EigenLayer rewards

  • ETH Staking rewards

  • A wonderful LRT in the form of ezETH that can be leveraged throughout a plethora of DeFi ecosystems

It is because of this heartbreak that I write to you with the following.

ezETH holders, my arms are open wide awaiting your return.

A literal fk tonne of my dearest $KIM and $xKIM tokens are awaiting you upon your return. As part of my One Million Kim Campaign.

At a ratio of 4:1 : $xKIM:$KIM - each of your ezETH citizens will receive this reward pro-rata should they come home to me, Kim, and provide their liquid within my pool.

The ezETH <> ETH pool to be precise.

My dearest ezETH Community, I love you.

Thank you for enabling DeFi to thrive, not just here in the Kingdom of Mode and the land of Kim, but far abroad, too.

My dearest ezETH holders, I love you.

I await your arrival with glee,

Kim x

LMAO, okay, the boss said ‘hey, write something about the ezETH community of holders and let them know we think their protocol is great and we love them and we want to bring their ezETH <> ETH liquidity here’.



Let’s cut the Shakespearean theatrics, anon. It’s simple:

We love Renzo. We love ezETH. We want ezETH holders to love us.

That’s why this week we’ll be offering the hottest incentives on the ezETH <> ETH pool on Kim.

Gone are points, so fk it - we’re dropping a tonne $KIM/$xKIM tokens as incentives on the ezETH <> ETH pool.

That’s in addition to the rewards you get from:

  • Protocol fees

  • ETH Staking rewards

  • EigenLayer Staking rewards

It’s more than a love letter, it’s a love action.

Goodbye, For Now

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