Full Throttle with Nitro Pools

Nope, we’re not huffing nitrous oxide (well, not right at this moment), but we are deploying Nitro Pools on Kim.

What does this mean? Wtf is a Nitro Pool? How can I squeeze as much profit out of them as possible even if I don’t understand what it is?

Slow down, anon. Lay off the nitrous.

We’re here to explain all that.

What Are Nitro Pools?

For you; they’re a way for you to earn yet more rewards on your LP positions in Kim.


By leveraging your kpNFTs - if you’re not already familiar, these are NFTs you receive that act like a “receipt”, of sorts, for your liquidity positions on Kim.

With Nitro Pools, you’ll be able to put them to work.

For Kim & partner protocols; they’re a way for us to further incentivize you to provide and maintain liquidity.

Nitro Pools In Action

Picture this - you’ve got yourself a nice bag of Kim & Mode.

Now, you wanna throw it in the KIM <> MODE pool on Kim because the rewards are (already) fire. kpNFT Guide

Next, you get your kpNFT in your wallet.

Okay, with Nitro Pools you’ll be able to stake that kpNFT in an official Nitro Pool to earn additional rewards.

So, MODE wants to encourage you to stake your kpNFTs and Kim wants it, well, in Kim.

We can join forces and offer gazillion rewards in a Nitro Pool.

All entirely permissionless.

More rewards for you, more opportunities for us and our partners to bring your liquidity to the most rewarding DEX in Web3: Kim.

Flooring It with Nitro: Quick Guide

Okay, anon. After creating a position with kpNFTs, head on over to the My Positions of Kim.

Select the Locked kpNFT you wanna stake to Nitro Pool. If you haven't locked it yet, now is the time to join the cool gang.

For this example we’ve selected KIM <> MODE. Now you wanna hit “Stake to Nitro”.

*Only Locked kpNFTs can enjoy that sweet nectar of Nitro Pools.

Now, stake that kpNFT. EZPZ.

Gn, Anon

We hope you sleep soundly tonight, knowing that Nitro Pools are gonna work like steroids on your liquidity positions on Kim.

Oh, before we forget - follow us on X, and join us on Discord

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