The Kim Swiss Army Knife: Maximize Your Yields

Look, we get it, okay? There’s a lot going on with Kim. There are a hundred and one different ways to earn - lottery tickets, yield boosters, kpNFTs, MODE points, special pools.


That’s why we’ve written this. To steward you through the process of earning the most you can from Kim.

Let’s. Dive. In.

Maximizing Your Yields

Selecting Your Pools & Special Events

If you wanna start earning, you wanna pick a good pool, anon.

Be sure to keep an eye on the Pools section of Kim to keep up to date with the current APRs and rewards.

Wherever you see this, be sure to hover over it to see what exactly we’re offering in terms of bonus rewards!

Don’t forget, ever since we integrated with Steer you can leverage their reward optimization strategies when providing liquidity to make sure you’re getting the most bang outta your buck.

Staking $KIM & $xKIM

You have $KIM / $xKIM but it’s not staked or allocated correctly?


Anon, $KIM is the lifeblood of the Kim ecosystem. If you have it, and you’re not leveraging it, you’re ngmi.

If you don’t have it, what are you waiting for? With $xKIM you’ll earn:

  • Protocol fees

  • Boosted yield (if allocated to the yield booster)

  • The attention of the opposite sex (or same sex, whatever way you swing we don’t care)

Check out our guide to optimizing yield with $xKIM here.

Lock LP = Boost Rewards

Alrighty, anon. If you’re providing liquidity you will be offered the option to lock that LP up and, in return, you’ll get a nice big boost on your rewards.

If you’re truly a degen you’ll hit that “set max bonus” button.

Do it.

We dare you.

(but also fr don’t go crazy if you can’t handle risk, when your LP is locked you cannot remove it until the end of the locking period. Worth it tho).

A “Case Study”

We called it a “case study” ‘cos we thought it sounded professional. But really, it’s just an example.

Let’s take a look at what you’d get with a $5,000 ETH <> USDC LP right now.

With a maximum boost lock of 183d and by allocating 100 $xKIM to your position with the yield booster plugin, you’ll get an astonishing 1,250.457% APR.


In rewards, you’d get:

Daily: $171.23

Monthly: $5,208.33

Annual: $62,500

Wait, why am I getting paid to write these blogs again? Imma do this RN.

Ciao for Now

Peace out, anon.

Stake, bake, and have fun.

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