Tssssss, Hear That? KIM’s Deflating

IT’S GOING TO ZERO (the supply, we mean).

Like a balloon with a pinhole in it, tssssssss, $KIM deflates. But, y’know, in a less sad manner. And, in the end, instead of having a deflated piece of rubber on your bedroom floor (not that deflated piece of rubber), you have an increasingly rewarding DeFi asset - $KIM & $xKIM.#

Let’s dive into how exactly $KIM deflates over time.

KIM’s Deflationary Mechanics

The maths is simple, anon.

Every time you trade on Kim, the protocol earns fees.

Now, 3.5% of those fees go toward buying back and burning $KIM from the open market.

Kim earns $100k in fees (pfft), that’s a $3,500 buyback.

Kim earns $100m in fees, that’s a $3,500,000 buyback.

(and burn).

This creates a long-lasting deflationary mechanism for the supply of KIM. As Kim usage grows, KIM supply decreases. Kinda weird how that sentence makes sense, huh?

Catch the first burn here.

Let’s Party:  The Buyback and Burn Event

Okay, anon, since we’re so busy getting lit 🔥- well, getting $KIM lit on fire and burning it, we thought we might as well celebrate.

We may or may not be giving a whopping 3.5% of the entirety of Kim’s Mode Network DevDrop to 350 winners. How can you win, you ask?

Simple, simply provide fresh liquidity into one (or more!) of these pools:

  • KIM <> ETH

  • ETH <> USDC

  • MODE <> ETH

Simple as that, anon.

We’re running this until the 18th of May.

Don’t miss it.

Provide Liquidity, Anon

You: trade, swap, provide liquidity

Us: burn, build, buyback

Join us on  Discord or X/Twitter. Provide liquidity. Sleep well.

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