Well, well, well.

Here we are.

Yet another safe CEX listing for $KIM.

One of the largest exchanges in the whole wide world, MEXC, is now home to the $KIM token.

Deposit, trade, degen, to your hearts content over on MEXC as of May 23rd - but, y’know, you won’t get quite the same type of rewards we dish out over on Kim, but still - more eyes, more holders, more $KIM for all.

Throwback Thursday

Okay, idk if it’ll be Thursday when we publish this (probably not), but since we’re celebrating the listing of $KIM on MEXC let’s take a look at some of Kim’s milestones!

But before that, don’t forget to check out some of the humongous APRs that are live over on Kim rn. Special shout out to the pools below:

#ETH #Kim #xKim #MODE #Renzo
#ETH #Kim #xKim #MODE #Renzo

Achievements Galore!

The last few months have been a bit of a doozy at Kim HQ. With the $MODE airdrop, the $KIM token launch (oh yeah, and airdrop), TVLs breaking ATH again and again, we thought we’d take a look back at some of the highlights:

  • $KIM Launches with an airdrop, post raise on Superchain1 Launchpad

  • Immediate launch of $KIM and $xKIM staking

  • Out of the Gate (get it?!), $KIM lists on Gate.io 🎉

  • May 6th - Kim breaks our TVL record with > $42m in TVL

  • COUNTLESS partnerships ranging from MoChad to KelpDAO, EtherFi, and a whole host of others (there are simply to many to account for rn)

  • Millions of $ in incentives, DevDrops, $KIM, sequencer fees, and any other revenue stream has been shared, and will continue to be shared, with the Kim community

That is just a glimpse of what we’ve achieved so far, and it’s brought us here. To this day. Where $KIM is more accessible than ever after listing on MEXC.

This is just the beginning, anon.

We’ve barely even started.

A whole roadmap is set to be executed upon.

Don’t miss it.

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