Inject T, Long Crypto, Become a (Mo)Chad

Strong beard. Stronger jawline. 6-pack (of both beer and abs).

The process is simple anon:

  • Inject 200mg of Testosterone 3x per week

  • Lift. Heavy. 5x per week.

  • Long crypto. With size.

  • Provide liquidity on Kim. With size.

OR, alternatively, you can skip most of that and join the Kim x MoChad Campaign this week.

Kim x MoChad

With 0.3% of the entire MoChad supply up for grabs, alongside Mode Network DevDrops, learn how you can take home a slice of the pie.

It’s simple; provide a minimum of $50 in fresh, new, MOCHAD <> ETH liquidity into the LP on Kim.

Sit back. Relax. Enjoy the ride.

The top 100 winners that supply the most will take home 0.3% of the MOCHAD supply and a host of 350 Mode Network DevDrop NFTs, courtesy of Kim (and, by proxy, Mode lmao). Runs until May 20th.

Buy Testosterone With This Referral Link

Okay, there is no referral link. Don’t abuse steroids, anon. Keep your body healthy. You are gonna wanna long this ride for a long time.

Join us on Discord or X/Twitter. Share your Chad-Transformation stories. Provide LP. Relax.

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