Kinto Oshigaru Program is now live

Kinto is an L2 rollup designed to accelerate the transition to an on-chain financial system. It features permissionless KYC and native account abstraction to solve the two biggest blockers to mainstream adoption: security and user experience.

Oshigarus travel far and wide to share Kinto

We are proud to announce Kinto’s first official community role, ‘Oshigaru’.

Based on the ‘Shikoku pilgrims,’ Kinto Oshigaru are wise and helpful community members who help educate, support, and spread the word of Kinto. They travel on the golden path toward the future of finance, steadfast on their journey, spreading positivity and knowledge as they tread.

Oshigarus are Kinto community members who:

  • Have displayed extensive knowledge of Kinto.

  • Support other members of the Kinto community.

  • Act as ambassadors for Kinto.

As a reward for their efforts, they will obtain the Oshigaru badge that comes with 15 extra Engen credits.

We welcome other community members passionate about Kinto, DeFi, and the future of finance to strive to become Oshigaru.

Our team is always looking for individuals who contribute positively to the community — your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. The team will actively reach out to potential new Oshigaru on Discord or Twitter.

Our first three Kinto Oshigaru are naauq, gorilla_leon and amplifydefi — we thank them for their hard work and support of Kinto.

We look forward to welcoming many more Oshigaru over the coming weeks.

If you share our vision for a secure, open, decentralized financial system, join our Engen Launch Program here.

You can also find Kinto on:

🌐 Website | 📚Docs | Twitter | Discord

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