🛟Engen Phase III — The Rescue

Kinto has been designed to offer users a unique value propositiona safe and KYC-enabled L2 that bridges TradFi and DeFi. Our goal is clear, but how we get there is equally important for us. Our fundamental tenet is creating an open and credibly neutral financial infrastructure.

As explained in our Engen postKinto is preparing for its full mainnet launch in early April. Before launch, we want to onboard and reward valuable participants to the network through our launch program: Engen.

So far, we have launched The Arrival and The Setup. The reception from the community was unexpected, with all spots being filled within 24 hours of release every time. Over 13K users have completed the KYC process, creating more than 11K Mamori Wallets.

Today, the third phase of Engen is live. Users can now receive unique rewards based on past on-chain deeds and misfortunes.

You can visit the site here: engen.kinto.xyz

The Third Step

As a refresher, Engen is split into four different phases. During each phase, users can complete specific tasks to earn Engen credits.

  • Phase 1: 🌊 KYC Arrival — Launched on November 27th.

  • Phase 2: 🛡️ Wallet Set-Up — Started mid-January.

  • Phase 3: 🛟 DeFi Rescue — Available today.

  • Phase 4: 🥇 Capital Commitments — Begins in March. In Phase III, verified users who have created a wallet can visit the Kinto Fortune Teller. At the fortune teller, they can shake an omikuji to check their luck.

One of our core tenets is to make Kinto’s security the best in the ecosystem and protect users from lurking risks and dangers. To that end, we offer extra rewards to users affected by exploits in the last three years in DeFi.

Additionally, users receive rewards based on their on-chain activity during the last few years, the number of protocols and chains used, and the amount of capital deployed. There are a few hidden easter eggs as well ㊙️

Action: Connect external wallets and receive your fortune.

Reward: 1–60 Engen credits based on your past activity on-chain.

🔮 Stay awhile and listen

In Japan, when you visit shrines and temples, you can find a piece of paper called “Omikuji” that visitors draw to predict their fortune for the future.

Inspired by this concept and traditional fortune telling 占い師, we created the Kinto Fortune Teller to provide additional rewards to our community before launch.

Kinto’s fortune teller will analyze your past on-chain activity and award you different badges based on the actions that you have performed. Each badge comes with a different amount of Engen credits.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of badges; we keep a few of them secret...


  • Wanderer 巡礼 — Awarded to new users who have not used crypto extensively.

  • Traveling Merchant 商人 — Granted to active users on many different chains.

  • Farmer 農民 — Awarded to users who have interacted with many DeFi protocols.

  • Danna 旦那 — Granted to users that have deployed more than $10,000 on-chain.

  • Daimyo 大名 — Given to crypto natives that have deployed extensive capital.

  • Ronin 浪人 — Awarded only to the most active DeFi users.

  • Arbinauts — Given to users who have extensively used the Arbitrum ecosystem.

🛟 Hack Survivors

Hack survivors receive a unique badge, the rising Phoenix, as a tribute to their commitment to an on-chain future despite the hardships suffered during the journey.

Here is a list of DeFi hacks that are eligible for Engen credits:




Cream Finance

Badger DAO

FEI/RARI (Including affected communities like Babylon, Frax, Vesper)


BALD on Base



Step by Step

During phase two, users need to complete the following steps:

1.Connect additional external wallets — Up to a maximum of 3.

2.Shake the Omikuji box 御神籤

3.After a few shakes, the omikuji will provide your fortune and the number of badges and credits earned.

Finally, you can share your Fortune and earn referrals.

Psst! — We will distribute 10 secret 🧧 will be distributed amongst users shared their fortune on X and paste it on the fortune channel on Discord.

When you share on Twitter, you will get a great-looking card like this one:

Remember that you can earn up to 10% of all the credits your friends receive.

You can watch a video with the whole process here:

🕐 9 Days

During the First and Second Phases, all spots were filled within hours.

Given the excitement and reception from the community, we have decided to open up Phase Three for a limited time yet with unlimited spots.

Phase Three will be available until February 16th at noon PST.

We have again partnered with Layer3 to add a quest on their platform.

🌊 Engen is here…

Engen marks the beginning of Kinto. We want to accelerate the transition to an on-chain financial system.

A system that can match the guarantees of traditional finance, increase availability 24/7, enhance security, and decrease the friction and costs associated with traditional asset issuance.

If you share our vision for a secure, open, decentralized financial system, help us realize it.

Join us!

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