🛡️ Kinto’s Launch: The Set-Up

Kinto has been designed to offer users a unique value proposition: a safe and KYC-enabled L2 that bridges TradFi and DeFi. Our goal is clear, but how we get there is equally important for us. Our fundamental tenet is creating an open and credibly neutral financial infrastructure.

As explained in our engen post, Kinto is preparing for its full mainnet launch at the end of Q1. Before launch, we want to onboard and reward valuable participants to the network through our launch program: Engen.

Last month, we launched The Arrival. The reception from the community was unexpected, with all spots being filled within 24 hours of release. Over 6K users have signed up and started our user-owned KYC process.

Today, the second phase of Engen is live, and users who completed the KYC process can go ahead and set up their non-custodial Kinto account.

You can visit the site here: engen.kinto.xyz

The Second Step

As a refresher, Engen is split into four different phases. During each phase, users can complete specific tasks to earn Engen credits.

  • Phase 1: 🌊 KYC Arrival — Launched on November 27th.

  • Phase 2: 🛡️ Wallet Set-Up — Starts mid-January.

  • Phase 3: 🛟 DeFi Rescue — Starts on February 7th.

  • Phase 4: 🥇 Capital Commitments — Starts in March. Verified users can receive their KintoID NFT and create their non-custodial smart contract wallet free.

Action: Create a Kinto Wallet and set up authentication keys.

Reward: 10–20 Engen Credits. Users who set up more authentication keys will receive more credits.

🛡️ Mamori: The Kinto Wallet

At Kinto, we force every user to have a secure and delightful experience.

Every user needs to set up a Mamori as their Kinto Wallet.

Mamoris — 御守りー are traditional Japanese amulets that protect their holders from misfortune.

Mamori amulets Similarly, our mamori wallet has been designed to maximize user security and protect users from all the dangers that lurk in DeFi. It can be used without browser extensions and has many layers of security to protect user assets from everyday hacks, dusting, and phishing scams.

It is worth highlighting three different vital aspects of the process:

Mamori Wallets are non-custodial. Only users can access their funds. Users don’t have to worry about seed phrases, transaction settings, or gas costs, thanks to mandatory Account Abstraction. In case of loss, users can recover access to their accounts and set up new authentication keys. Mamori wallets can only interact with applications that their owners have approved. Owners can revoke these permissions at any time. Note: We will release an in-depth article about the Mamori wallet next week.

Step by Step

During phase two, users need to complete the following steps:

1.Minting the Kinto ID NFT — Completely free and gasless

2.Claim $1 in Kinto ETH — Free and gasless.

3.Setup Smart Contract Wallet — You guessed it, gasless, too.

4.Setup Authentication & Policy — The more 🔑🔑🔑 the better

5. Success — Wallet has been created

10,000 Spots

During the first Phase, all the released spots were filled within hours.

Given the excitement and reception from the community, we have decided to open up a considerable number of openings:

Phase Two has been opened with 10,000 spots.

Additionally, we have partnered with Layer3 to add a series of quests on their platform.

🌊 Engen is here…

Engen marks the beginning of Kinto. We want to accelerate the transition to an on-chain financial system.

A system that can match the guarantees of traditional finance, increase availability 24/7, enhance security, and decrease the friction and costs associated with traditional asset issuance.

If you share our vision for a secure, open, decentralized financial system, help us realize it.

Join us!

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