Hiring on Kleoverse: Before You Hire Your First Software Developer
May 23rd, 2023

Finding the right Web3 talents for your startup gets harder by the day as we experience an increased adoption of decentralized technologies across several industries. The demand for Web3 skills has been so large that the supply has not been able to expand fast enough. For example, LinkedIn reported a 400% increase between 2020 and 2021 in job titles containing the words “blockchain” and “cryptocurrency,” compared with nearly a 100% increase in the broad technology sector.

Before searching for web3 developers for your web3 startups or project, you should ensure to do the following:

1. Decide on the desired role

This is the first step to thoughtfully address within your startup to save capital and time.

To build the different products for your Web3 startup, you need to decide on the exact role a software engineer will play in your company. To do this you'd need to answer questions like:

  • What do you believe are the core team members needed on your Web3 project team?

  • What is your organization's operational strategy and how does it factor into the hiring process?

Below is an example of a well thought-out role and the organization's operational strategy in addition to its expectations from talents.

2. Identify the required skill sets

Identifying the main hard and soft skills you require from a software engineer working for you is a critical first step to ensuring your hiring and organization's success.

It is important that you tailor both hard and soft skills to fit the desired hiring role and organization's needs.

Firmly iterate on the soft skills developers need to succeed within the role and your startup. Some important soft skills for web3 developers are, communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills, creative and analytical thinking, and understanding the essence of Agile methodology and Scrum project management approach.

3. Write a highly specific job description

The most important thing when you hire a Web3 developer is to write a clear and detailed job description. Your goal is to find the right person, so try to describe your company and project as accurately as possible.

An excellent template to follow is:

  • Describe your company and project

  • List the technologies you plan to use

  • Describe the candidate that will be a perfect fit for you, but make sure there are no biases

  • Add value, describing the perks and benefits your company can offer.

Below is an example of a software developer job ad that perfectly illustrates the points described above. It provides useful information about the company, covers the candidate’s responsibilities, describes the perfect candidate for the role, lists the tools and technologies they should be skilled with, and provides the benefits the company offers.

4. Prepare interview questions and assign test tasks

The next step is to prepare a series of interview questions and formulate a test task for your best-fit candidates. These series of questions should be crafted accurately to verify your candidate’s knowledge of Web3 and the operations of your company.

After evaluating their knowledge, you want to test their work experience with a test task. The test task should be related to the job/responsibilities they’re applying for so that you can evaluate their proficiency after joining the project. Also, it should be a simple task that doesn't take much time – for example, you can ask your candidates to code a simple smart contract.

Some examples of web3 interview questions for software developers include:

  • How do you understand Web3 and what’s the difference between Web1 and Web2?

  • What’s the difference between fungible & non-fungible tokens?

  • What are the differences between L1 & L2 blockchain networks?

  • What is the blockchain trilemma?

  • Can you explain what smart contracts are?

  • Why do you think Ethereum will be successful?

  • How do you see Web3 development changing in the next five years?

  • What is the most difficult part of Web3 development for you?

  • Explain Ethereum Virtual Machine

  • What is the function of the consensus algorithm?

  • What is the first item you need to define when creating a solidity file?

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