What is Prompt Point?

What is Prompt Point (PP)?

Prompt Points (PP) is a unique point system within the KNexus platform. These points are designed to provide you with a digital incentive mechanism tied to creativity and art, while also serving as a cost for using KNexus for creation. PP can be seen as a creative metric, playing a vital role on the platform to encourage and acknowledge your contributions in creation, sharing, and interaction.

What is the Role of PP?

Prompt Point is more than just a number; it represents your influence and creative value within the KNexus community. By earning PP, you gain a range of benefits, including but not limited to:

  • Unlocking Creative Tools: Use PP to unlock advanced creative tools on the platform, allowing you to delve deeper into the realm of creativity.

  • Privileges and Permissions: Accumulating PP grants you privileges, such as early access to new features and events.

  • Payment and Market Participation: PP also serves as payment for your market participation. You can use PP to purchase works from other creators or showcase and sell your own creations in the market

What are the Consumption Scenarios for PP?

Prompt Points are primarily consumed in the following scenarios:

  • AI Drawing Creation: During the creation process, you'll use PP for generating content. You can also spend PP to access more advanced and customizable tools, options, and styles to better realize your creative ideas.

  • Payment: PP serves as the currency for transactions on the platform, allowing you to purchase works from other creators.

How Can You Earn PP?

You can earn PP through various ways:

  • Creation and Sharing: Publish your creative works, share your ideas and creativity with others, and earn PP rewards based on the quality and popularity of your creations.

  • Activities and Challenges: Participate in various platform activities, challenges, and contests to earn PP rewards while enhancing your creative and expressive skills.

  • Recharge and Purchase: You can also acquire PP through recharging, providing more resources for your creative journey. Purchasing PP offers a convenient way to flexibly engage in creation and transactions.

Prompt Points form a versatile point system that represents your creative and interactive value within the KNexus community. Whether in creation, trading, or community interaction, PP acts as a bridge connecting you to creativity, adding more opportunities and possibilities to your creative journey on the KNexus platform.


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