Your Comprehensive Guide to Co-Creating Unique Psyche AIGC NFT

Discover the Process of Co-Creating NFTs with KNexus-Psyche and Turn Creativity into a Valuable Digital Asset

The KNexus - Psyche NFT Collection represents a unique initiative that unites the power of Web3 and AIGC (Artificial Intelligence Generated Content) to introduce an innovative co-creation process that generates one-of-a-kind digital art pieces. With the use of AIGC technology, users can create custom prompts that reflect their Web3 graph data and preferences, resulting in a personalized and tailored experience.

**Psyche NFT stands out as a trailblazing project that leads the way in the NFT space, providing users with unparalleled creative control and intellectual property protection. Come embark on an extraordinary journey of co-creation with Psyche NFTs and unlock your full creative potential in the vast realm of Web3!

Core Features

Psyche NFT  = Web3 Graph Data +  User Input-text Prompt

Web3 Graph Data: the DNA of Psyche NFT

In the decentralized ecosystem of Web3, graph data is a crucial component that provides users with valuable insights into their behavior and interactions. By analyzing graph data, users can gain a comprehensive understanding of their preferences, habits, and relationships with other users and applications. This information, in turn, enables users to make informed decisions and choices, leading to a more personalized and engaging user experience.

Psyche NFT exemplifies the importance of graph data in Web3. By leveraging graph data to generate half of the prompt, Psyche NFT generates personalized, relevant, and current NFT that accurately reflect the behavior and preferences of users within the Web3 network. The application of graph data in Psyche NFT further demonstrates the significance of graph data, providing a personalized and engaging user experience that reflects the dynamic and evolving nature of Web3.

Customized AIGC models K

Psyche NFT employs an open-source diffusion model combined with fine-tuning as its primary approach to create intricate images based on textual prompts. This model is based on denoising autoencoders, a type of artificial neural network that learns to remove noise from images by encoding them into a lower-dimensional space and decoding them back to their original form. Gaussian noise is removed iteratively, and with each iteration, the image becomes cleaner and more refined.

The diffusion model ensures that Psyche NFT generates images with consistent posture and style by selectively applying the denoising step to either textual or visual stimuli. The encoded conditioning data is then subjected to denoising U-Nets using a cross-attention mechanism, which contributes to an efficient and effective training process. As a result, the model can learn to generate highly-detailed images based on textual descriptions with remarkable consistency and accuracy.

Figure 1. Psyche NFT examples
Figure 1. Psyche NFT examples

Original Copyright Protection

Psyche NFT employs blockchain technology to ensure the originality and copyright protection of its unique digital artworks. Each NFT is wrapped with a token that serves as an authenticator and encapsulates the intellectual property of the artwork. This process protects the ownership of the artwork and guarantees that creators receive proper compensation for their contributions.

The co-creation process of Psyche NFT involves a combination of AI-generated content and human input, resulting in an approach that allows creators to imbue their works with personal meaning and narrative. Through this process, creators benefit from the computational power of AI while retaining their originality and intellectual property rights. The adoption of blockchain technology by Psyche NFT provides a secure and innovative way for creators to share their works with the world while maintaining their ownership and control over their intellectual property.

Original Copyright Protection

Psyche NFT incorporates decentralized storage as a means of ensuring secure and efficient storage for its digital artworks. The use of a decentralized network of nodes for data storage and management mitigates the inherent risks associated with centralization, such as data loss or tampering. This decentralized approach guarantees the artworks' safety, accessibility, and tamper-proof qualities while also offering a cost-effective storage solution.

Additionally, decentralized storage is known for its censorship-resistance and resistance to hacking attempts, making it the optimal solution for safeguarding digital assets. Psyche NFT's adoption of decentralized storage demonstrates a commitment to promoting the ideals of security and decentralization in the web3 landscape, while also providing a robust and efficient storage infrastructure for its unique digital artworks.

Get Started in 3 Steps

Psyche NFT offers a unique and engaging three-step process to acquire exclusive digital art pieces.

🔸 Step 1: Acquisition of an Psyche NFT (ERC721EIP), which provides access to a scroll divided into three categories: Gold, Silver, and Coppery, each with varying degrees of rarity.

🔸 Step 2: Casting of spells through an innovative co-creation process that combines the power of AI with the collaborative creativity of users.

  • 👉🏼 1st half prompt: generated by KNN3, utilizes Web3 graph data as the foundation for creation.

  • 👉🏼 2nd half prompt: generated by user, who is tasked with completing the co-creation process by providing their own input and creativity.

🔸 Step3:  The Genesis KNexus Psyche is created through the fine-tuning of open-source models, ensuring the distinct style and quality of Psyche NFT generation.

Holders’ Benefits

As a holder of KNexus-Psyche NFT, you are entitled to a range of exclusive benefits including,

  • Draw  your avatars with AI

  • Replace KNexus-Psyche NFT with profile avatars from KNN3 products.

  • Browse TopScore, a KNN3 product, and obtain partial data rights for it.

  • Be granted functional rights for the initial launch of new features on TopScore.

  • Obtain threshold community rights of KNN3.

KNexus - AGI Creator Platform

KNexus is an innovative Web3 product that implements advanced blockchain technology that employs blockchain technology to ensure the safeguarding of copyright ownership for art pieces created by artificial intelligence. KNexus strives to enable creators to manage the entire process of creation, sales, monetization, and re-creation without the need for intermediaries, ultimately reducing the cost of intellectual property protection, breaking down barriers among different copyright arbitration regions and platform monopolies. By providing sustainable incentives for the AI-created content community and NFT art distribution platforms, KNexus aims to foster ongoing innovation and creation in the field.

Figure 2. Psyche NFT examples
Figure 2. Psyche NFT examples

More Psyche Information

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