KNN3 Network Bi-Weekly Report (2023/03/08 - 2023/03/22)
March 23rd, 2023

Product & Development

TopScore - Spoiler

New feature:

  1. Access control:
    the analytic of any Lens profile will be accessible to all
    the dashboard of any lens profile will be accessible to all premium uses

  2. Heat charts: add the average trends of last 28 days

  3. Stacked charts: add the overview chart of engagements & collections,


  1. UI:
    Adjust the display of ranks, scores & indicators in the profile page
    Adjust the layout of the dashboard
    Adjust the display of TopScore NFTs

  2. UX:
    Add more quick links and kits in the profile page

Typography - New Product

Typography is a powerful AI-assistant digital art content creation tool that enhances the skills and creativity of digital creators


  1. Helping users to uncover their original ideas

  2. Refining the major ideas to keynote

  3. Exploring the variance in format, style, and expressiveness

  4. Minting, sharing, and promoting the final product as digital NFT artwork

Community & Marketing


1)Host an online panel called "Web3 Women Night Web3女性从业者主题分享" featuring speakers from Connect3, MadMan, Wormhole3, Rivermen, Web3 Women Union, UnityxArmy, and Clique, with over 1,000 listeners

2)Co-hosted the "Women's Day: Power of Women" event with AffluxDAO

3)KNN3 will participate in the Blockbooster Web3.0 Hackathon in Hong Kong from April 7th to 9th

4)Participated as a guest in the AMA hosted by Ascendant on the topic of "Unlocking the Full Potential of Web3 User Data," alongside DataverseOS, Meta System, and Genii Data

5)Cointime Demo Day #6 Decentralized wireless broadband platform/Asset-Backed NFT/DataFi solution

Read More 🚀

6)Participated as a guest in Branche's AMA on the "Unlimited Possibilities of DID Technology in Web3 Social and Community Building," alongside DeBox and Crosspace

7)Co-hosted an AMA with Minimars on "How NFTs Empower On-Chain Social Networking NFT如何赋能链上社交", featuring MetaCat, Meeint DAO, DeBox, MG Land, and Chatverse 8)KNN3 will be attending the IKA Block Hong Kong Web3 Demo Day

9)Participated as a guest at Fudan University's event on "AI's Contribution to Web3 Data Development," alongside OP Crypto and Mole

  1. As the host for the twitter space of “ChatGPT 爆火 AIGC 如何与 Web3 强强联合”,Co-host is Findtruman. Cyberconnect, SpaceID, NEO CTO-Steven, Bi social, Moonlight, Social Layer are the guests


1)Co-create your “TopScore Psyche”, 💰 Crave up the value of 1000U prize pool ⏰3.17-3.22 Read More 🔗

2)“Talk to Mind Network 对话Mind Network:与KNN3 Network一起构建web3社交@KNN3 space recap” Read More🚀


1)TopScore Empowers Firefly To Support Stellar Web3 Social Graph

Read More 🚀

2)Hamster and KNN3 have built an official partnership to liberate developers with multi-chain aggregated data graph services

Read More🚀

3)KNN3 has integrated new partnerships, including Wealth Message, Getaverse, and Rivermen

4)To celebrate international women’s day💃, KNN3 and Rivermen made a joint giveaway of 25 RiverCredit to KNN3ers 💰

About KNN3 Network

KNN3 Network offers a Web3 Data solution that leverages AI technology to facilitate sophisticated, user-friendly data services for both individual users and enterprises. With seamless access across multiple platforms, KNN3's offerings are designed to enable algorithm-friendly interaction with Web3 data. Furthermore, the data provided is accessible for use in decentralized applications and smart contracts.

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