KnoxWorld NFTs: Building Block for Collaborative ReFi Education

To align our Learn2Earn mission with Celo Climate Collective, we are proud to ship KnoxWorld. KnoxWorld is a collection consisting of 3,000 NFTs full of words that are related to world conservation and ReFi.

A weekly “crossword puzzle” integrating these 3,000 NFTs will be held weekly on Twitter to raise awareness on the most pressing issues at the intersection of nature, people, and climate. We hope that this L2E game could educate people to conserve the natural resources that we all depend on and build a prosperity-for-all future. More importantly, we hope that these 3,000 KnoxWorld NFTs will become the building block for Collaborative ReFi education in the Celo ecosystem.

Building Block for Collaborative ReFi Education

Celorians should get excited about KnoxWorld not because of what the NFTs are, but what they could become:

  • Foundation of an entire educational metaverse on ReFi

  • Build educational quizzes/courses/games

  • A community-driven world conservation organization on Celo blockchain

Anyone can build something using KnoxWorld NFTs as a foundation. Existing ReFi projects in Celo are encouraged to integrate and build on top of the 3000 KnoxWorld NFTs. This will be a community-driven effort, especially from Knoxers. Every CELO collected from KnoxWorld NFT sale will be sent to this Celo Safe multisig wallet (0x3f28FEAD6D66D9c0A13f0FB645B01e62b01d8E46) and to be decided through governance. The idea behind KnoxWorld is inspired by Loot Project:

Minting will go Live on June 25

The 3,000 KnoxWorld NFTs minting will go live on June 25 at Knoxers will have a head start of 12 hours to mint first. Max mint per wallet address is 50 for each phase. Minting price is 7 CELO.

Phase 1: Open to Knoxers NFT holders

Phase 2: Open to public

15% of the collected funds will go to the devs, and the remaining 85% will be used to provide liquidity to KUSD.

How to Participate in KnoxWorld “Crossword Puzzle”

STEP 1: Check twitter for any active L2E game

STEP 2: Search and purchase NFT corresponding to the word you think it’s the correct answer on

STEP 3: Assemble those separate words on

STEP 4: Your assembled KnoxWorld NFT should be visible on[your wallet address]/items/in-wallet. Post a tweet and attach your assembled KnoxWorld NFT using the following format.


  1. First-come-first-serve. Whoever submits the assembled crossword puzzle first will win. Winners must keep their assembled NFTs in their wallet until the leaderboard is officially announced. As long as there is ≥1 winner, the game will close by the end of the week.

  2. If the crossword puzzle is not solved by anyone in a week, the game will be rolled forward to the next week.

  3. L2E rewards will be rolled forward too. For example, if a game last for 3 weeks, the total L2E rewards will become:

Useful Links

Where to mint:

Where to buy/sell KnoxWorld NFTs:

KnoxWorld NFT contract address: 0x96a47b237a4d684eC2b8BA6620061187C85875E0

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