Shiki NFTs Free Mint
August 20th, 2022

Chishiki Dsuki, abbreviated as Shiki, means knowledge lover, is a free-mint profile picture NFT. Here are the details of the minting:

Where to mint:

Mint price: Free

Max Supply: 300

Phase 1* (21-Aug 7am UTC): For Super, Mega and LydianKnoxers

Phase 2 (21-Aug 1pm UTC): For all Knoxers holders

Phase 3 (23-Aug 1pm UTC): Open to public

*How many mint per user? You will be able to mint 1 Shiki for each Knoxer you owned. If you owned 1 SuperKnoxer and 2 Knoxer, you can mint 1 during Phase 1, and 2 more during Phase 2.


25% of the Shikis are governed by ShikiDAO and are pre-minted into its DAO multisig wallet. KUSD has been voted to be the governance token of ShikiDAO. Here are some details about the governance parameters:


Proposal threshold: 2500 KUSD

Quorum: 5000 KUSD

Voting period: 10 days

Voting type: Single-choice voting

Useful Links:

Website | Marketplace | Mirror | Discord

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