Week 8 Report: Loot Project, Index Coop, Omicron

Archived from Dec 10, 2021 commonwealth.im

What is Index Coop & its DeFi Pulse Index (DPI)?

DeFi Pulse Index capitalization-weighted digital asset index designed tracks token performance of decentralized financial assets across market [96.48]

invest for long term check the index holding tokens, understand the exposure to each token and crypto theme, low risk high reward [69.02]

Token Inclusion assessment Criteria, consider characteristics of token, project, protocol. Token’s Descriptive Characteristics, available on Eth [65.63]

products are easy-to-understand, secure, cost, tax efficient, suitable crypto natives and newbie, Various indexes hold top tokens crypto theme [51.02]

Token’s Supply Characteristics, possible to reasonably predict supply over next five years, 7.5% of five year supply currently circulating [46.20]

crypto enthusiasts focus make crypto investing simple, collective aim creating, maintaining best crypto indices on market. flagship product DPI [42.69]

track projects in DeFi that have significant usage, commit maintenance development. easiest way to invest without doing much research [38.63]

Underlying tokens: aave, balancer, compound, cream, farm, knc, loopring, meta, maker, ren, sushi, sythetix, sushiswap, yearn, bagger, instadapp [37.86]

Project’s Traction Characteristics, building a useful protocol product, significant usage. launched at least 180 days before qualify index [32.63]

By leveraging contracts and infrastructure from Set Protocol, a founding partner, build truly innovative, decentralized index and structure [32.22]

DeFi Pulse, the founder of DPI. Two industry-leading internal methodologists: DarkForestCapital and Verto, together founded the Metaverse index [27.10]

Index Maintenance monthly in two phases, third week of month, Additions and deletions, Circulating Supply Determination, refer CoinGecko [27.02]

$DPI is mutual fund ETF for crypto, suit for beginner and hodler to have exposure to various crypto themes, follow the market trend investment [25.75]

Track projects in decentralised finance that have significant usage and show a commitment to ongoing maintenance and development [19.69]

weighted based on value of token circulating supply. aims to track projects in DeFi that have significant usage, commit maintenance development [10.41]

mutual fund, equity fund for crypto, suit for beginner, hodler, exposure to various crypto themes, follow the market trend investment [9.80]

reasonable and consistent DeFi liquidity on Ethereum, tokenomics not have locking, minting or other patterns disadvantage passive holders [2.25]

Rari capital, vesper. index is maintained monthly in two phases : determination phase, reconstitution phase [0.98]

What is Loot Project & its Adventure Gold (AGLD)?

Adventure Gold follows the approach Loot NFT game has hoped for, by the community building on top of Loot as a form of endorsement [0.00]

Adventure Gold or AGLD, is the ERC-20 token of the Loot project. [220.35]

Loot is a text-based, random adventure gear created and stored on-chain by Dom Hofmann [0.00]

After Vitalik’s tweet about Loot project back in September, AGLD saw a massive price hike, more than tripling in value [171.90]

He created Adventure Gold in response to Vitalik Buterin supporting the loot project and encouraging others to build on it [0.00]

Adventure Gold was launched on Sept. 2, 2021, each owner of a Loot NFT claim 10,000 tokens for free. airdrop worth as much as $70,000 per nft [172.79]

simplicity and uniqueness of Loot inspired the Web3 community to come up with numerous derivatives projects based on its code [0.00]

AGLD a governance token users vote on future in-game credits or future mints building on top of Loot and adopting AGLD. [0.00]

The Loot project features a variety of collections of NFTs called Loot [122.13]

Loot is unique, the first project of its kind. no company, art, team, or attributes, [120.47]

Loot NFT holders (who owns 1 Loot) can apply for 10,000 AGLDs, and the AGLD has now been released. [119.86]

Each Loot NFT isa black card with 8 gear items, namely: Weapon, Chest, Head, Waist, Foot, Hand, Neck, Ring [0.00]

Loot is an unaudited project. Bags #1 to #7777 were claimable by anyone and #7778 to #8000 are currently reserved for the contract deployer [65.22]

8,000 NFTs in this Loot series, do not contain any “images or stats,” open for interpretation [58.15]

One of the best ways to improve Adventure Gold’s price would be create an incentive for users to lock up AGLD to decrease circulating supply [55.79]

floor price of an ordinary Loot bag went as high as 16 ETH before falling to about 8 ETH now [0.00]

AGLD has a total supply of 70.1 million tokens, with all the available tokens being in circulation. [10.59]

What effect will Omicron bring to Crypto?

The sentiment on the market has decisively soured as a result of deepening concerns regarding the Omicron variant and its effect on the economy [105.35]

The crypto markets have become very volatile – the Omicron variant and pressure on the TradFi markets also seem to affect Bitcoin [103.71]

price of bitcoin and cryptocurrency plummet, inflation, profit taking, panic sell, speculation, sentiment, manipulate, short bitcoin, FUD [93.05]

The cryptocurrency Omicron, which was basically unheard of on the grand scale of cryptocurrencies, saw a increase in value from $65 to $675 [68.13]

Investors appear to be betting that Omicron will slow the economy but also ease inflation. [58.71]

might delay US Fed interest rate hike, continue to let hot money to be active in crypto, delay profit taking and can continue to leverage on low [49.20]

lower expectation for global economic growth, lower inflation, modest appreciation of risky assets like crypto [45.85]

Higher buying demand of bitcoin will lead to higher crypto market cap. [44.44]

usually the market goes on to have positive returns over one to six month periods, as the panic and forced selling from FUD subsides [41.21]

Digital assets got pushed around by the broader risk of conditions related to Omicron and expectations of a more aggressive Fed [39.21]

the new COVID-19 variant Omicron carries a "very high" global risk of surges, although scientists have said it could take weeks to understand it [34.66]

in the short term, the market still seems oversaturated with leverage which creates conditions where the corrections are likely to repeat [31.90]

however, actually more uncertanties are good for safer assets, where bitcoin is termed as safe asset like gold. [23.04]

Retails investor FOMO and create bubbles. fork of Olympus DAO.


alts rally, omicron coin (OMIC) cryptocurrency, buy on news and speculating, FOMO and bubbles. fork of Olympus DAO OHM [12.78]

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