Shiki is now on Opensea (Polygon)

Wait no more! Shiki NFT is now live on Opensea (Polygon Network):

Chishiki Dsuki, abbreviated as Shiki, means knowledge lover, is a free-mint profile picture NFT launched in August. Shiki community has recently proposed and voted on snapshot to bridge Shiki NFTs from Celo Network to Polygon Network. The proposal has successfully reached a quorum of 5000 KUSD and received an overwhelming YES.

How to Bridge?

Please use Wormhole crosschain messaging protocol (a.k.a Portal) to bridge your Shiki from Celo Network to Polygon Network vice versa:

Step 1: Paste Shiki Celo contract address into the website 0x91d0e3A2BCCf036bcf61536D2BDFD47D79946aAE. You can find your Shiki token id by editing this link or using

Step 2: Select Polygon as recipient chain. Shiki Polygon contract address (0x5ED3494bCFa0630a66CFc572f233543143D39862) should show up automatically. Make sure you have enough MATIC to pay for gas fee.

Step 3: Click “transfer” and sign two TXs.

Step 4: Click “redeem” and sign TX. Once TX goes through, your Shiki NFT should have arrived in Polygon Network.

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