Introducing Knoxer NFTs

KnoxDAO Citadel is finally open. Knoxers are Celorians with wisdom beyond those of the same kind and the ability to see the future. According to ancient Celorian myths, some Knoxers even possess diamond hands and laser eyes. Knoxers are a single hive mind that exists to contribute and work for the DAO.


KUSD is a token emitted to Knoxer holders in order to distribute Celo community grant to hardworking community members. Celo community grant is projected to run out in July-August 2022. Once the grant is ran out, Knoxers can vote through governance on what to do with KUSD. In August 2022, the community has voted on snapshot to use KUSD token as governance token to govern 25% Chisiki DSUKi NFTs in the ShikiDAO wallet. Because of the inflationary nature of KUSD, it shouldn’t be treated as a stable value token and could be volatile once the Celo community grant runs out. Rarer Knoxers will receive more KUSD/week because rarer Knoxers (namely LydianKnoxer, MegaKnoxer and SuperKnoxer) hold the responsibility to initiate discussions and make governance proposals for the DAO.

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