Launching Kontext — Aggregated Crypto News
March 16th, 2022

Today we are releasing Kontext — a DApp that aggregates the most relevant daily content from Crypto Twitter.

It is live at

Centralized Social Media steals your attention

It’s easy to get lost on Twitter and waste hours scrolling through irrelevant content. Why is the most interesting information scattered throughout the feed?

It’s not a technological problem: Twitter understands our interests and tastes very well. But rather a business problem: Twitter optimizes their feed algorithm for ad clicks, giving us just enough information and memes we need to keep scrolling.

And since advertisements are Twitter’s main revenue source, they don’t allow us users to make changes to their feed algorithms. Twitter controls the complete platform - from data input, to algorithm and the feed interface.

So what if we could implement our own algorithms? What if we could build our own feed, and optimize it for information density and helpful discourse, instead of ad revenue.

How much time could we save every day, running our own Twitter feed?

How far could we grow our bubble and interactions with new people?

Which other feeds would we come up with, once opening our reputation and social graph data?

Might there be alternative business models to personalized ads?

These are some of the questions we want to answer with Kontext. Join our community and share your thoughts ❤️

Building a custom personalized filtering layer over the web2.0

This problem has been building up for the history of the web2.0. Users became the products when open, customizable social apps like Delicious or Digg made way for ad-financed data silos like Facebook and Twitter. And user’s attention became commoditized as the social web’s most valuable resource.

The internet used to be open and free and personalized, but it didn’t find a business model alternative to selling user data for ads…

…Until now

Web3 is introducing self-sovereign storage and balanced rewards mechanisms. Kontext utilizes this technology stack to succeed where previous customizable social apps failed in forking Twitter.

We aim to bring back the freedom and creativity of the web1.0, by implementing sustainable rewards for all participants.

Towards a self-sovereign, more personalized web

Our first version of Kontext aggregates Crypto Twitter. The service automatically imports, filters and sorts URLs shared on Crypto Twitter and shows them in a simple list UI. This allows anyone to stay up to date with Crypto Twitter in a matter of minutes each day.

While version 1.0 is a news aggregator, we imagine the future Kontext to be a self-sovereign social stream — With user’s data directly improving their product experience, while allowing them to retain full ownership and control over their data.

Join our Discord and try our DApp at!

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