Announcing the Winners of The Quest for Kresk

Note: This post was originally published on our medium blog on April 13, 2023

Greetings Kreskians!

The Wait is Over! The much-anticipated moment has finally arrived! It’s time to reveal the outstanding winners.

The following gives a summary of the awards:

  • Championship and Surprise Winners: 4 Level-3 NFTs and 32 Level-2 NFTs

  • Community & Bug Bounty Prizes: 45 Level-2

  • Founders: 2,812 Level-2 NFTs

  • Competitor: 6,984 Level-2 NFTs

  • Participants: 20,339 Level-1 NFTs

A huge round of applause to these exceptional winners in The Quest for Kresk testnet competition.

Mint Deadline: The minting window is currently open and will remain so until June 30, 2023. You have until this date to mint your NFTs.

Championship Prizes

Competition Leader 🏆

  • 0x4a79d

  • Role: Operator

  • Award: 1 one-of-a-kind “Quantum Leap” Level-3 NFT + Additional rewards (see below)

Role-Based Winners: Trader

1st Prize: 0xD67d1, Award: One “The Cube of All Knowledge” Level-3 NFT and Three Level-2 NFTs

2nd Prize: 0xCc0F0, Award: Three “Pool Diver” Level-2 NFTs

3rd Prize: 0xC0271, Award: Two “Pool Diver” Level-2 NFTs

Role-Based Winners: Operator

1st Prize: 0x4a79d, Award: One “The Cube of All Knowledge” Level-3 NFT and Three Level-2 NFTs

2nd Prize: 0x6f9bB, Award: Three “The Art of Forge” Level-2 NFTs

3rd Prize: 0xd495a, Award: Two “The Art of Forge” Level-2 NFTs

Role-Based Winners: Investor

1st Prize: 0xAC7B0, Award: One “The Cube of All Knowledge” Level-3 NFT and Three Level-2 NFTs

2nd Prize: 0x73660, Award: Three “Liquid Driver” Level-2 NFTs

3rd Prize: 0x032B4, Award: Two “Liquid Driver” Level-2 NFTs

Note: For the 3rd prize, we are giving 2 Level-2 NFTs instead of 1 as promised earlier.

Surprise Additional Prizes 🎁

Additional rewards are designed to recognize those who have gone above and beyond in their Quest for Kresk but didn’t win the top prizes.

Award: One Level-2 NFT each

  • Most Daily Missions Completed: 0x0f4EA — “Liquid Driver” Level-2 NFT

  • Highest Mission XP: 0x032B4 — “Liquid Driver” Level-2 NFT

  • Highest Profit: 0x4E9b5 — “Pool Diver” Level-2 NFT

  • Highest krRewards: 0x4E9b5 — “Liquid Driver” Level-2 NFT

  • Highest # Top 3 Liquidators: 0x52Ef6, 0xDc21C, 0xa8Ae6 — “The Art of Forge” Level-2 NFT

  • Highest # of times getting liquidated 😜: 0x16217 — “The Art of Forge” Level-2 NFT


The final scores were determined using the following:

Total Score = Mission Score (50%) + Global Score (50%)

Mission Score: The Mission Score was calculated using the competitor’s mission XP, scaling it per role to normalize the points across the three roles.

Global Score: The Global Score was determined using the following:

Global Score = Scaled Profit Score + Scaled Farming Score

During the scaling process, Profits and Farming were assigned different weights for each role to better align with the specific objectives of each role. That is, Traders had higher weights given to profits while Operators on farming rewards. Investors were in between those two.

Participation Prizes

Officially a Kreskian NFT: 20,339 recipients, Award: One “Freshly Minted” Level-1 NFT each

Competitor NFT: 6,984 recipients, Award: One “Analyze This” Level-2 NFT each

Founders NFT: 2,812 recipients, Award: One “Enchanted Origins” Level-2 NFT each


A competitor was eligible to receive a Competitor NFT based on participation in the game. Qualification for this NFT depended on the competitor’s mission XP rather than the total score to ensure fairness.

The eligibility criteria was calculated to be 46,000 mission XP or more. This was 70% of the maximum achievable XP over a 3-week period or 37% of the maximum achievable XP over the 6-week period.

Note on eligibility:

  • Competitor NFT: To be eligible for the Competitors NFT, we established a minimum requirement of 46,000 mission XP.

  • Founders NFT: All competitors with greater than 46k mission XP who signed up on the waitlist prior to Feb 8, 2023, at 23:59 GMT will also receive the Founders NFT. In addition, two of our Discord community mods are set to receive 2 Founders NFT each.

  • Officially a Kreskian: All participants who successfully completed the onboarding process will receive the Officially a Kreskian NFT. Participants who completed the onboarding but didn’t follow the rules are disqualified.

  • Adjusting Scores: We have rectified the mission XP for competitors who experienced issues.

The technical details of the points calculation can be found on the Kresko docs page.

Community & Bug Bounty Prizes

Award: One “Stellar Genesis” Level-2 NFT each

Participants who made valuable contributions to the Kreskian community by providing educational resources, identifying bugs, and offering support will receive the Community & Bug Bounty NFT.

We are excited to announce that instead of the initially promised 30, a total of 45 recipients will receive this prize.

NFT Collection

All the NFTs belong to two collections:

Officially A Kreskian: An uncapped collection of Level 1 NFTs

The Quest for Kresk: A capped collection with 20k NFTs of Level 2 and Level 3

The core team and early supporters are set to receive a total of 105 Level-2 NFTs. The allocation is as follows:

  • Alpha testnet competition: 49.39%

  • Team: 0.53%

  • Future community incentives and treasury: 50.09%

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