Introducing Kresko KREDITS

Kresko was among the pioneers in gamifying the user experience in DeFi with its “Quest for Kresk” testnet competition in March 2022.

The six-week testnet competition saw over 20,000 participants from 96 countries, marking it as one of the most engaged testnets in DeFi.

The “Quest for Kresko” now transitions into a new era using KREDITS.

KREDITS is an all new reward mechanism to incentivise community engagement & contributions to the Kresko ecosystem.

The rollout of KREDITS will begin with a retrospective distribution to the testnet users, who participated in the testnet and helped test the initial version of the protocol. The early users also provided key insights that helped develop a new and better protocol.

Check Your Testnet KREDITS

A huge thank you to those who participated in the testnet competition. Your contributions were invaluable to launch Kresko Beta.

Check your KREDITS eligibility by visiting:


Q: Are KREDITS tokens?

No, KREDITS are not tokens. They represent your contribution to the Kresko ecosystem, similar to earning points.

Q. Do I need to connect my wallet or sign a transaction to check KREDITS eligibility?

No, you just need to paste your wallet address and hit the ‘Check’ button.

Q: What is required to claim my eligible KREDITS?

To claim your KREDITS, you'll need to access the app using the ‘Analyze This’ NFT. Additionally, a ‘Freshly Minted’ Profile NFT is essential to create your profile and claim KREDITS.

Q. What happens to the ‘Freshly Minted’ NFT when I claim KREDITS?

Upon linking your ‘Freshly Minted’ NFT, it will be upgraded to a Profile NFT called ‘Kreskian’. This Profile NFT is specifically designed to hold your KREDITS and profile information.

Q. Are KREDITS transferable?

KREDITS are not ERC-20 tokens and cannot be transferred between accounts directly.

The only way to transfer KREDITS is by transferring the 'Kreskian' NFT that holds your KREDITS. If you sell or transfer your NFT, the recipient address will receive your claimed KREDITS.

Q: I cannot access the App due to gating requirements. How do I claim KREDITS?

All eligible testnet participants were given ‘Freshly Minted’ (Officially A Kreskian) NFT.

If the gating requirements are barring you from entering to claim, you will have to wait until the next phases to claim your NFT when the requirements will be eased or you will have to get them on the open market to get into the app. For more details please refer to the post here.

Q: When will I be able to claim my KREDITS?

The KREDITS claiming process for Testnet users will commence during Kresko Beta Phase 2.

We will announce the specific start and end dates for the current and future distribution of KREDITS on our Twitter and Discord channels.

Q: Will there be future distribution of KREDITS?


Q: I did not receive any KREDITS. How can I be eligible in the future?

To enhance your eligibility for future KREDITS distributions, actively contribute to the Kresko community and engage with the app. Your involvement and contributions significantly increase your chances of being selected for KREDITS in future distributions.


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