The Quest for Kresk: A Recap of the Journey

Note: This post was originally published on our medium blog on April 3, 2023

Hello Kreskians!

We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of The Quest for Kresk.

The six-week testnet competition brought together an amazing community of over 20,000 Kreskians from 96 countries.

A big thank you to everyone who took part in the competition. Your enthusiasm and contributions have inspired us.

In this post, we’ll cover the competition highlights, valuable insights, and the next steps in our journey.

Testnet Highlights

Users from 96 countries participated in The Quest for Kresk with a 97% approval rating of users willing to recommend Kresko to others.

During the testnet, 21,648 users performed over 2 million transactions. For a detailed breakdown, take a look at the infographic we’ve provided below.

In addition to competing, Kreskians contributed back to the community in various ways, such as creating informative guides, designing infographics, and participating in whitehat hacking.

User Feedback

We received over 3,900 pieces of invaluable feedback and positive appreciation. Here are some notable quotes from Kreskians:

“Congratulations for the most fun testnet I’ve ever made. I’ve had no problems, I’ll be sure to share my experience with everyone.” - Ysf

“Kresko is not just an exchange, it is an entire ecosystem that provides users with many opportunities to trade and invest in cryptocurrencies. I found the project very convenient and intuitive to use.” - moynanrkkd60

Cool design* and intuitive interface — everything is easy and convenient! Well done! You made a really qualitative project!*” - Anton

“Yes, finally you launched your test product, so far the results are very impressive and without any problems at all, the tutorial is very clear and easy to understand, the UI is very attractive and fresh, every feature is packaged in a simple and straightforward way. keep up the good work team!!” - Alex

Protocol Testing and Improvements

A major goal of the testnet competition was to evaluate the protocol and identify areas for improvement. Here are some key findings:

  • Users completed over 2 million transactions

  • Protocol operators carried out more than 78k liquidations

  • The core protocol worked seamlessly, with no issues identified

We used user feedback and our analysis of the protocol’s performance to implement updates throughout the testnet and plan additional features to enhance user experience. This includes:

  • Developing a stability rate module to reduce the premium between the price of assets on the Minter app (oracle price) and the AMM price of assets

  • Implementing in-memory database solutions to scale the competition to cater to larger than expected users

  • Improving user interface for a more responsive and reliable experience

Kresko Mainnet Beta Launch

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