the best strategy in Dark Forest

hello guys, you must heard this popular game and want to skin in it. There is a best strategy for the new players.

The dark forest like the simplified version of Civilization 6´╝îplayer get a small plant at start, they should conquer the universe by development.Gm set some targets to guide the game, maybe score the silver, maybe score the distance between you and center of space, maybe the plants you destroied´╝îwhatever´╝îyou should collect the most energy in the shortest time. for the goal ,i find a strategy to reach it.

First, you need a good gpu, i use my M1 to explore map when i start the game.There is no evidence the cpu cant work until i change the tool to a nivida GPU, the universe become claer far more fast than before.And mac become a little bit freezes with game come the end.

Second, open the settings, switch the gas to high in order to your moves are comfirmed qucikly. If you born in the NEBULA area(blue), move to the deep space(black) ASAP. When you reach the deepspace, you could look for the high value targets:

  • the 8 degree plant, we should find two of them at least, the one around us, anther is near the center of space.
8-level plant is very strong
8-level plant is very strong
  • the artifacts´╝îtry your best to collect the artifacts, two artifacts are most important, cannon and wormhole ,they are the key props.
  • the double range plant´╝îthey could tansfer energy to a longer distance,it make you get your first 8 plant faster, time is rare source.

  • the pair of high level silver mine and black hole´╝îthere is some pairs distributed in map´╝îfind and get them, upgrade the plant and withdraw the silver.

    Third´╝îequip the cannon to your first 5-ranked plant(maybe a 5 or 6 level plants ) near the 8 plants´╝îactive it´╝î wait for 4 hours ´╝îin this time´╝î you could use it take the silver and black hole´╝î other low level plants around the 8plants´╝îwhen the cannon ready´╝î we could use the cannon take a 5 or6 level plant around the further 8-level plants. equip the wormhole to the 8-level plants.

    When you finish these steps ,you have a strong base with two high level plants(dont forget upgrade them), in your range ,you get enough silver to withdraw, you get huge energy to destory the plants, and you could step to the center of universe, enemy are hard to defeat you.

    Ok, thats all, btw, the game cost much time ,take care of your health, good luck to you and see you in the next round´╝ü

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