Kleoverse and Proof-of-Talent: Story so far

For the last 18 months or so we at Kleoverse have been busy building tools to navigate crypto, blockchain and web3 economy in more appealing ways. There’s arguably been a lot of discussion recently about on-chain reputation, web3 social media and new ways of organizing work in more decentralized and public ways. All these could unlock totally new economies with more equal access to working opportunities, rights to own your data and yourself, and contribute to the world in more meaningful ways.

To tackle these topics, we at Kleoverse have tried to answer the following problems:

  • How to measure and signal your contributions in the most objective way?

  • How to feasibly showcase your web3 contributions aside your existing web2 native contributions?

  • How to unlock platform-agnostic reputation to new arenas?

Wait no more, at Kleoverse (https://klv.rs) we do this by showing your on-chain and off-chain achievements side by side in your profile.

Coming of age

We started doing this by creating a discovery tool to find organizations, jobs and people in web3. We created tools to outsource projects with built-in project management tools like kanban, ledger view , crypto payments and ways to apply to jobs only with your wallet. We also launched non-tradable SBTs as proof-of-work badges for your contributions as well as creating built-in messaging for quickly accessing builders and organizations.

Recently, we launched web3 portfolios and Badge store (https://kleoverse.com/badges) where you can prove your achievements by minting NFT badges. We have sources to port your reputation from platforms like GitHub and StackOverflow as well as completing tutorials on places like LearnWeb3 DAO and Questbook.

Ultimately we felt that showcasing your portfolio of NFTs in your web3 resume only moves you so far. Recruiters still need to possess a lot of context knowledge about what each NFT represents and many times they have to just trust that this is the actual NFT collection and not the copycat.

Also it’s hard to compare candidates based on if someone has this combination of NFTs and the other a bit varying set of badges.

Ultimately, there’s still the same amount of work for validating a person's skills as in any job interview and candidate screening, instead of cover letter + cv it’s an NFT portfolio this time.

Aggregation protocol to detect signal from noise

Talent measurement is hard. It’s time-consuming and context-specific, and by most it’s highly subjective. Each of us tends to have our own personal preferences when evaluating job candidates. There tends to be a standard of what you should look for in people when evaluating their skills but there’s no exact consensus of the methods which opens a door for highly biased hiring of candidates.

That’s why we created Proof-of-Talent, an objective way to measure talent online. It’s a protocol that has its parameters and data sources available for public review. It’s open-source code and open for collaboration. It’s built based on Attestations following the architecture of Sismo protocol (https://sismo.io).

On top of making, verifying and storing attestations of your achievements, each of them accumulate your skill scores. More you have completed tutorials or contributed to projects the more your Skill score grows in particular domains like Solidity development.

Proof-of-Talent is aggregation protocol and it’s public for contributions. You can introduce new data sources, suggest to which skills achievements are based on and what their skill score weightage should be.

Let’s uncover talent together

This is the alpha version, and still far from being the ultimate source of talent measurement, but according to discussions with fellow web3 and web2 builders we are going in the right direction.

Keep with us and let’s build a more equal world of builders where your actual contributions pays you off.

Start contributing at https://proofoftalent.org,
Create your on-chain resume: https://kleoverse.com/profile, and
Prove your talent: https://klevoerse.com/badges.

Note: This post was not written by GPT-3 or by any other similar neural network.

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