Futures Beta Update - Trade History
May 5th, 2022

The devs are killing it at Kwenta this week, and have shipped an incredible lineup of tweaks and new features for traders to enjoy. This release enables at least one highly requested feature, the trade history tab, and several other important UX improvements to make sure your next Kwenta trade is the best one yet.

A quick look at the developments since our last update:

  • Markets: Add Markets Table
  • TradingView: Add Position Info
  • Order History Tab

Markets: Add Markets Table

  • Markets available for trade on Kwenta are slowly moving to their new home. The new Markets overview page is now live. Traders can access this page from the Kwenta dashboard to easily find markets they are interested in trading. Selecting any asset from this page will take you to the selected assets trading dashboard.
New Markets Overview Page
New Markets Overview Page

TradingView: Add Position Info

  • TradingView charts on Kwenta get yet another upgrade this release! Charts are now displaying entry & liquidation points of open position on their perspective charts via dashed lines. Traders can now easily see where they entered a trade and at what price their position gets turned into water; by simply taking a glance at the chart.
  • Wondering how adding to a new position will affect your current position? If traders have an existing position open and DCA (Dollar Cost Average), the effect on your current position will be updated with new "Average Entry" and liquidation lines before traders hit ‘Submit Order’ in the order entry panel.
Dashed Lines Now Display Trade Data On Kwentas Charts
Dashed Lines Now Display Trade Data On Kwentas Charts

Trade History

  • Kwenta enabled its first iteration of the Trades tab across the dApp for all markets. In addition to open orders, trades can now view a complete list of past orders, including canceled orders and liquidated positions. This much-needed feature will allow traders to track the performance of their portfolio.

Try these new features and UI improvements at:

Other changes included:

  • EUR-PERP: Fix 2 decimal leftovers #775
  • Bug: profit calc entry price and stop loss are not calculated correctly on a short position #785
  • TV Chart: Improvement #772
  • Wallet: Show ENS PFP in wallet modal #739

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