KIP 35-36-37 Presentation Call
October 5th, 2022

Join the Kwenta community for the KIP 35,36 & 37 Presentation Call on Thursday, October 6th at 20:00 UTC. These KIPs will add an acknowledgment for new addresses that interact with the Kwenta UI which states that Kwenta is decentralized and it is up to the user to determine whether they are able to use the interface pursuant to their local regulations. Authors of KIPs will now be eligible for KWENTA rewards for having KIPs implemented and a method to reward DAO contributors for their involvement.

Community members are encouraged to come to participate in the process by asking questions or giving feedback during the governance call. Elite Council members will use the information provided during these presentations to inform their votes and ultimately steer the direction of the Kwenta product and DAO.

Call Agenda

Save the Date

We'll be holding this event in our community Discord, here’s an invite. If you plan on attending the call.

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