Futures Beta Update - Updated Position Cards
May 13th, 2022

Bear market or not, Kwenta Engineers will continue to build and deliver on providing the best trading experience possible. Our 10th beta release for the v2 branch introduces mostly bug fixes and improvements under the hood and is now LIVE. Let’s dive in!

Here is a quick look at the developments since our last update:

  • Implement a new position card design
  • Add Liquidations to Trades
  • Synth Markets on Dashboard

Implement a new position card design

We've updated/restyled our 'Open Position’ card. This allows us to display a few more data points regarding your open Positions, including overall realized Profit & Losses.

Add Liquidations to Trades

Previously traders had to record of liquidated trades that happened on Kwenta. With this release, liquidated trades display in the order history table. The subgraph will need 24 hours to sync after this release in order for liquidations to display in the trade history tab accurately.

Synth Markets on Dashboard

With this release, Kwenta has ported the spot 'Synth Markets Table' to our v2 dApp. Getting us closer to being able to deprecate our v1 implementation of the Kwenta dApp fully and allowing traders to view all available markets on a single page.

Changes included:

  • Lint fixes (useEffect deps) #800
  • Css fixies #806
  • Add closePositionWithTracking #808
  • Fetch Circuit breaker pausing and display orderly in UI #797
  • Improve Input Fields #649
  • Create new component for NumericInput #719
  • Hotfix #824
  • Merge hotfixes into v2-dev #827
  • Show badge for circuit breaker #830
  • Merge hotfixes into v2-dev #831
  • Bump synthetix to 2.68.2 #835
  • Currency fix #836
  • Remove overlay #832
  • Chore: Update node to v16 and npm to v8 #812
  • Navigation component reloading on each page refresh #688
  • Fix the price of dydx and ape #828 (fixes Op Kovan ETH-PERP bug #810)

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