Smart Margin - Beta  Program

Want to help Kwenta test its next-generation trading experience? Need access to:

🔶 Limit Orders?
🔶 Stop-Market Orders?
🔶 Advanced Order Parameters?

As a community-owned, built, and maintained project, Kwenta strives to include members of the community at every step of the building process. As Kwenta finalizes the process of refreshing the entire trading UI and our Smart Margin enters a state of “code complete” and has been sent to auditors for review, we now need your help!

Over the coming weeks, Kwenta Beta testers will have the opportunity to get exclusive access to the upcoming Kwenta release and its features.

How can I be considered?

Kwenta is looking for a mix of new and seasoned traders as well as OG community members and new seedlings. Whether you’re a pro trader at the top of the leaderboard or you’re brand new to DeFi and have never used Kwenta, you can get involved.

To apply, simply fill out a short Typeform, and give a little bit of background, and we’ll reach out if you are selected.

Find the sign-up form at:

Please note: The trading experience during the gated beta may experience unforseen interuptions or bugs.

What's next?

After a few weeks of testing in a gated environment, we will stop all beta testing. This will allow us to make any contract upgrades and final revisions before unveiling the highly anticipated Smart Margin and its accompanying new features to the rest of the user base. During this upgrade time, the beta version will be unavailable for trading.

Following the public launch, we anticipate introducing additional features in due course, allowing us to fully realize the potential of the latest Smart Margin implementation. With each new feature added, we can expect to see a significant boost in capabilities, enabling users to benefit from even more advanced tooling.

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