Futures Beta Update - Hourly Candles

Additional steps toward a fully optimized, on-chain Perpetual Futures experience on Layer 2 Optimism. Updates at Kwenta are coming more quickly than ever before. Recently, Kwenta onboarded a trio of talent to the Core Contributors. These new resources and the spectacular devDAO significantly increase our ability to meet and exceed expected roadmap items.

Updates included this round:

Hourly Candles

The community overwhelmingly requested more granular time frames for charts on Kwenta. With this update, Kwenta enabled hourly candles on its TradingView integration for available assets. The charting experience will continue to be refined and improved as we add more granularity and additional features.

Clarify Funding Rate on Kwenta Market Details

The funding rate previously displayed on the Kwenta Futures platform was an instantaneous rate and very volatile (it changed every time one closed or opened a position). Kwenta now displays a normalized 24-hour funding rate. The indicated funding rate on Kwenta now resembles the average cost of holding the position for a 24 hour period.

Show markets data when not connected to wallet

Community members mentioned that not being able to interact with the Kwenta Futures UI without a wallet being connected is bad UX. We AGREE and you can now browse the Futures Beta without having a wallet connected.

Other changes included in this release:

  • Disable Input when margin = 0 #476

  • Close Position Modal Improvements #495

  • Set default market to ETH-PERP #614

  • Get correct market key from futures-market config #620

  • Hotfix: Switch ClosePositionModal to useSynthetixTxn hook #631

  • Hotfix: Close position button #634

  • Add External Price Feeds for new markets #590

  • Get Synpress working with CI again #241

  • chore: update eslint-plugin & parser packages #638

  • PnL issues #640 ci: use public docker containers without auth #645

  • New market fixes #632

Trade perpetual futures with up to 10x leverage at:

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