KIP 26 & 27 Presentation Call

Join the Kwenta community for the KIP Presentation Call for KIPs 26 & 27, on Thursday, August 18th at 20:00 UTC. Kwenta has proposed and put in place an updated continuation plan for the Sovereignty phase laid out in KIP-10. With these necessary adjustments, Kwenta continues its campaign to facilitate the launch of the Kwenta token.

In addition, we will present a KIP to add Web Analytics to Kwenta, which allows anonymized tracking of traffic and how traders navigate within Kwenta. Kwenta values the privacy of its users and will not be collecting personally identifying information and does not track user behavior outside of the platform. This proposal aims to provide Kwenta with the necessary resources for growth and product refinement while adhering to our core values and maintaining the trust of our users.

Community members are encouraged to come to participate in the process by asking questions or giving feedback during the governance call. Elite Council members will use the information provided during these presentations to inform their votes, and ultimately steer the direction of the Kwenta product and DAO.

Call Agenda

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