Kwenta Code Refactor
July 21st, 2022

While the dust settles from our major release last week that included a fully mobile-optimized version of Kwenta and SynthSwap that allows for any ERC20 swaps without leaving Kwenta. Since then, our dev team was hard at work on the latest maintenance release. So we’re proud to be able to announce our latest update, which includes several improvements that may not seem tangible to platform users, but we know developers contributing to Kwenta are sure to notice:

UI/UX improvements:

  • Updated the max leverage to 25x 

Other Improvements Include:

  • App maintenance and bug fixes:
  • Fixed critical bugs causing the app to crash regularly
  • Fixed a bug preventing closing positions with Next-price
  • Fixed a bug that allowed users to submit orders above max leverage
  • Fixed a bug preventing transaction notifications for swaps
  • Updated critical libraries like ethers and ethcall
  • Added our first end-to-end tests for futures and swaps
  • Added a futures market configuration to easily add new asset
  • Updated linting rules to improve code quality
  • Reorganized app structure to match hooks and components to the app navigation
  • Deleted legacy code, including unused pages and components
  • Deleted old or unused text and translations
  • Reorganized translations to match the app structure
  • Deleted old or unused styles
  • Improved fetching and display of images
  • Implemented prefetching of all fonts to improve the homepage

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