We're Hiring a Senior Backend Engineer

About Kwenta

Kwenta is a decentralized exchange revolutionizing derivative markets through its proprietary smart margin engine. As a protocol, we operate independently to deliver a decentralized trading experience comparable to leading centralized exchanges. Our commitment remains steadfast in building top-tier financial tooling accessible to all. To further our mission, we invite the community to apply and actively participate in our endeavors.

Position Overview

Kwenta is now looking to build additional tooling and products beyond its current perps UI, with the aim to onboard a new set of users who prefer to trade with automated strategies. To facilitate this type of trading, Kwenta is planning to expand its team and build an api, suite of sdk’s and potentially a new key management system to offer a decentralized custody solution.

We are looking for a senior backend engineer who is competent in architecting and building backend system that reliably operate at scale and has some experience working with web3 and smart contracts. The ideal candidate will show a passion for designing and developing api's and pride themselves on building performant services that follow best practices. We don't have a strict criteria on preferred language but a Node js / typescript based system would allow other team members to help contribute.


  • API Design & development

  • Backend server architecture

  • Deployment and dev ops setup

  • Data storage and management

  • Wiring test suites

  • Help with product scoping and writing specifications


  • Experience in designing, architecting and implementing a backend system / api

  • Experience interacting with smart contracts and blockchains

  • Experience with writing tests, using Git and CI

  • Familiarity with system monitoring tools

Nice to have

  • Experience in Defi

  • Understanding of the Synthetix protocol

  • Experience working on an exchange api


  • Salary range: 125k-150k USD

  • Auto-Staked Kwenta token package

  • Generous vacation

  • Health insurance Benefits


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