Futures Beta Optimizations
March 25th, 2022

Core Contributors & the Kwenta devDAO bring you one more round of Futures optimizations before we head into the weekend. We're excited to share a second release for this week. Since the launch of the Futures Beta, over 20 Futures Related tickets have been closed out, including small & large fixes, and community feature requests are being developed.

Fixed Bugs & Optimizations

Reduce minimum margin to $50

  • Futures previously had a minimum requirement of 100$ sUSD to be able to interact with the system. This has recently been lowered to a more friendly 50$ sUSD requirement.

Fixes notional sizes for short positions

  • Futures traders opening short positions would have their position size and the notional value displayed as a negative integer. This fix correctly displays short positions.

Fixes gas price displays

  • Users reported not being able to see the gas fee when interacting with Kwenta. This has been addressed, and Kwenta now displays the gas fee cost per transaction.

Removes double-counting of PnL in portfolio value

  • The Portfolio value on the Kwenta dashboard was displaying an inaccurate number. This was caused by ‘UPnL’ being added to ‘Total Margin’. Total margin already includes ‘UPnl"‘ ‘“so it was removed from the portfolio calculation.

Other Updates

  • Adds fees to position card
  • Refreshes market details when users take out a position
  • Show Leverage on Dashboard
  • Adds striped table styling

Developers can join the Kwenta devDAO and claim rewards for completing any available tickets. Community members can earn rewards for using the Kwenta Beta Futures platform and providing us with feedback in our Discord.

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