KIP 29, 31, 32 & 33 Presentation Call
September 13th, 2022

Join the Kwenta community governance call for KIP 29, 31, 32 & 33 on Thursday, August 18th, at 1300 UTC. We will present KIPs ranging from reallocating 600,000 $OP tokens from those outlined in KIP-16, starting the transition to a Decentralized Repository for Kwenta code, a change to the KWENTA burning mechanism to another mechanism that removes KWENTA from circulating supply and additionally a process for developing the Kwenta roadmap in KIP-33.

Community members are encouraged to participate in the process by asking questions or giving feedback during the governance call. Elite Council members will use the information provided during these presentations to inform their votes and ultimately steer the direction of the Kwenta product and DAO.

Call Agenda

Present KIP 29 - Establish $OP Incentive Program

Present KIP 31 - Decentralized Repository for Kwenta

Present KIP 32 - Change KWENTA Burning Mechanism to Treasury Reclamation

Present KIP 33 - Roadmap Development Process KIP

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