Kwenta Open Position: Solidity Engineer
March 28th, 2022

Kwenta is an innovative decentralized exchange built on the Synthetix protocol that enables investors to permissionlessly access leverage, spot markets, shorts, and soon much more. Originally a Synthetix core contributor project, Kwenta has been spun out into an independent product that has a dedicated team of developers working on creating a fully decentralized trading experience that can rival the top centralized exchanges. Kwenta will launch its own token, governance system, and fee capture mechanism as part of this transition. By joining the early core contributors, you’ll get all the benefits of helping to create a leading product and token from scratch.

The role

This is a remote, full-time role for a Solidity Engineer.  You will work directly with world class DeFi developers and other core contributors to launch a token and build a variety of trading tools that position Kwenta as the leading trading hub in DeFi while setting it in on a course to thrive autonomously as a decentralized product.


  • Experience writing Solidity code
  • Written extensive automated tests for their contracts
  • Experience with Solidity security audits (as an author or recipient)
  • Used both Synthetix and other DeFi products on Mainnet and can demonstrate a solid understanding of how Synthetix works.
  • Operating in the Western Hemisphere hours (PT - ET) is preferred but not required
  • Solid demonstrable work (on GitHub or otherwise)

You will stand out if you have:

  • An understanding of Optimistic Rollups
  • Experience deploying to Optimistic Kovan (or Mainnet)
  • Deep experience with Typescript or other traditional programming language
  • Experience with trading derivatives


  • Salary range: 100k-200k USD
  • Auto-Staked Kwenta token package
  • Generous vacation


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