One-Click Trading Simplifying the Kwenta Experience

Imagine a grand castle named Kwenta, set in the digital realm. This castle, known far and wide, is a hub for merchants and traders. Inside its mighty walls, trading treasures change hands, and fortunes are made daily…

Remember the Hassle of Multiple Signatures?

Until now, every action on Kwenta, whether executing a trade or placing a limit order, required a separate signature from your web3 wallet. You'd receive a browser wallet notification asking for confirmation every time. It’s not the smoothest experience.

Hello to 1CT!

1CT is inspired by the smooth operations of centralized exchanges (CEXs). Once you activate your 1CT session, you can carry out trades, execute complex strategies, or scalp the markets, all with just a single click and no wallet confirmations. It captures the convenience of CEXs, letting you trade seamlessly, and minimizes those moments of doubt before a trade.

How do I use 1CT?

1CT Trading allows users to make unlimited trades with only a single approval in their Web3 wallet. Follow these simple steps to get started:

  • Connect your wallet

  • Click the “Manage” button above the order entry panel

  • Select “1CT Trading” from the new window and follow the onscreen instructions.

Set your session duration and fund your gas in advance
Set your session duration and fund your gas in advance

When enabling 1CT, traders can select two options for their 1CT session.

  • Duration: this allows users to select how long a session will last, between 1 hour and one month. Users may wish to enable a shorter duration for maximum security while enabling a convenient no-signing experience in a single trading session. Users may also opt to enable a longer session for a seamless experience on a single device across multiple hours, days, or weeks.

  • ETH Deposit: this allows traders to select how much ETH to deposit for use in future transactions. Users can prepay gas for just a few transactions or up to 100 estimated transactions. The more you fund, the less time you’ll spend refueling.

Looking for more detailed instructions? See the 1 Click Trading section in the Kwenta Docs. If you have additional questions, talk with us on Discord. We’d love to hear your feedback.

Happy trading!

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