Kwenta Partners With Horizons

We are excited to announce that Kwenta will collaborate with Horizons Law & Consulting Group to ensure cooperation with regulations and represent the DAO in the event legal representation is needed.

Global regulations are a sensitive matter for DeFi as the industry has grown faster than it could be regulated. With regulations catching up, it’s unclear what steps DeFi must take to become compliant while still achieving its goals of operating in a decentralized manner.

Kwenta has always strived for maximum decentralization and will need to navigate interacting with regulations as a fully decentralized organization. Horizons can provide Kwenta with the guidance it needs to comply with the rapidly evolving regulatory landscape, positioning the DAO to take the lead in the ecosystem on shaping how traditional finance will interact with DeFi.

Horizons will oversee the Kwenta constitution, future improvement proposals, and compliance efforts, ensuring Kwenta is positioned to thrive, regardless of the shifting regulatory landscape. This engagement will last for two years. You can learn more about the proposal, voted in by the DAO, and details of the engagement here:

Horizons has an impressive track record of guiding protocols such as Synthetix towards a cooperative relationship with the existing legal framework. After the adminDAO analyzed which legal entity would be the right fit, Horizons was vetted as the best option given their context and understanding of the DAO space.

Kwenta has always lived at the bleeding edge of decentralization and we are happy to advance the DAO towards resiliency in the face of an evolving legal landscape. With this engagement, Kwenta is positioned to push forward on its product development while staying cognizant of potential hurdles the industry will face.

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