Automated KWENTA Rewards - Live on Optimism

In our most recent update, we rolled out the UI additions for "Staking V2" which includes a staking delegate feature. Simply put, this allows one wallet to perform tasks for another. We've teamed up with Gelato, and because of this collaboration, if you're staking $KWENTA, you can automatically compound your staking rewards on Optimism. This is all thanks to the recently launched staking V2 contracts.

It's important to note that Gelato bots only help you compound your rewards. They don't have access to manage your entire staking account, so there's less risk, when delegating to a hot wallet.

Gelato Tutorial - Automated Claiming

Fund Your Gelato Account

Deposit funds into your Gelato account
Deposit funds into your Gelato account

These funds will be used to pay for transactions to claim for you; recommend $15-$25 worth of ETH as transactions on Optimism costs an average $0.25.

Putting in place necessary approvals

With a connected wallet, hit the settings wheel in the right corner

  • Find your Message Sender Address

  • Copy this address or leave the tab open to come back to at a later time

Find your message sender address
Find your message sender address

Head to the Kwenta staking dashboard, connect the wallet which is currently staking $KWENTA, and find the Delegate Tab

Delegate from your staking wallet to your message sender
Delegate from your staking wallet to your message sender
  • Paste your Message sender address into the delegate field and submit the transaction

Delegates can be removed via the revoke feature in the Manage section.

Setting up Auto-Compounding

Create a task on

  • Enter the Kwenta stakingRewardV2 contract address 0x61294940CE7cD1BDA10e349adC5B538B722CeB88

  • Select the compoundOnBehalf function from the dropdown of choices

  • Enter the address which has the staked $KWENTA

Note Gelato will prompt you to add your msg.sender address as an approved delegate if you haven’t already (we did)

  • Click "Time" & enter how long from today the next time this transaction should execute
Select an execution times
Select an execution times
  • Choose how to pay for the transaction (Gelato Balance)

  • Name the task & Create the task (execute the transaction)

Name and create the task
Name and create the task

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