Kwenta Lists ENA For Trading

Kwenta is thrilled to share that ENA has been added to the list of assets eligible for trading. This expansion is available on Kwenta through Perps V3 on Base, following the approval of SIP 376 with configurable values set by SCCP-316.

NOTE: V3 currently supports a maximum of three open positions per account!

Kwenta operates as a decentralized and composable exchange onchain, offering access perpetual futures contracts on both Optimism and Base. Supporting up to 50x leverage on certain pairs & networks, enabling users to trade a wide range of derivatives, including both crypto and non-crypto assets.

Trading for these new V3 Markets has now been enabled on:

Fees can and will vary depending on the asset, and the newest fees can be found directly on the UI.

📝 - Contract Specc


  • Max Market Value: 676,000

  • Initial Margin Ratio: 3.46

  • Minimum Initial Margin Ratio: 5.00%

  • Maintenance Margin Scalar: 0.38

  • Skew Scale: 25,500,000

  • Taker Fee Ratio: 0.0008

Additional configurations:

  • MakerFeeRatio: 2 bp

  • TakerFeeRatio: 10 bp

  • maxMarketValue: 500k$

  • maxFundingVelocity: 36

  • flagRewardRatio: 3 bp

  • minimumPositionMargin: 50 snxUSD

  • lockedOiRatio: 0.5

  • maxLiquidationLimitMultiplier: 1.5

  • maxLiquidationPD: 5 bp

  • endorsedLiquidator: "0x11233749514Ab8d00C0A5873DF7428b3db70030f"

Risk warning:

Synthetix provides decentralized derivatives liquidity for protocols like Kwenta. Demand, liquidity, and volatility drive the selection process for adding new markets. Trading is subject to high market risk. Please make your trades cautiously. We make best efforts to choose high-quality coins but will not be responsible for trading losses. Thanks for your support!

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