V2 Futures Alpha Update

We are excited to announce this weeks release! This release includes improvements of various features and we recommend checking out the release note for full details. In this post we are going to highlight some of the more prominent changes:

Updates included this round:

Self Execute Orders

Intermittent Keeper downtime results in a suboptimal experience for traders, as they may lose fees paid when Keepers do not execute their orders. To mitigate this issue, implementing a fallback mechanism is crucial in ensuring that traders can execute their orders even in the event of Keeper failures.

Earn UI update

LP participants can now view their APY directly inside the Kwenta UI.

Mobile Share Card

Mobile traders now have access to a new feature in response to numerous requests from the trading community to effortlessly share open positions with their trading groups & friends. Traders now have the option to utilize a share button on mobile while holding an open position on Kwenta. Boast about your PNL!

Other changes included in this release:

  • Update discord

  • Update fleek storage url

  • Perps V2 Alpha: Release v6.0.2

  • Margin Preview Fix by

  • Order Execution Logic

  • Update funding copy

  • Fix gray label contrast on dark theme

  • Fee Display

  • Fix number input crash and update Sentry config

  • Optimize queries to reduce lag and remove synth redeemer

  • Updated the WAGMI and rainbow kit to support BSC and AVAX

  • Check if approved and valid before estimating the exchange transaction fee

  • Remove futures context

  • Added APY to Earn UI

  • Fix spot tables

  • Share Position Modal for Mobile & Twitter Button

  • Separate isolated margin account data by network

  • Bump migration version

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