Futures Beta Update - Global Trade History

April 21st, 2022

Great news! We surpassed $1 Billion in total Futures volume since our last update thanks to the hard work of our devs and community members. With this new Futures beta release, Kwenta has fixed some bugs and picked up a new feature.

Many of these upgrades and features were added based on feedback from Kwenta users. If you have a request for a new feature or have a bug that needs to be fixed, join our Discord and raise awareness.

Release highlights:

  • Add skew and trading history
  • Update average funding rate calculation
  • Leaderboard now displays your ENS

Add skew bar and trade history

A new feature has landed on Kwenta with this update. Traders now get an order history panel that displays the last 50 global trades routed through the selected assets contract. As well as a new skew bar that visually displays open interest on either side of the market that conveniently sits directly on top of the trading history.

New Trade History Panel
New Trade History Panel

Leaderboard: Show ENS

The V1 leaderboard was missing something, and we think we figured it out. ENS compatibility! If you have an ENS name attached to your wallet it will now display in the top right corner of the Kwenta dApp and will replace your eth address on the leaderboard. Kwenta traders can now see ENS names when checking on their rivals’ performance.

Find your friends on the Leaderboard
Find your friends on the Leaderboard

Update average funding rate calculation

The funding rate previously displayed on the Kwenta Futures platform was an instantaneous rate and very volatile (it changes every time a position is closed or opened). Kwenta now displays a normalized 1-hour funding rate. The indicated funding rate is an average calculation, should be less volatile, more predictable, and more in line with what traders expect when it comes to funding intervales.

Other changes included:

  • Position Button Hotfix #701
  • Fix Futures Position table #676
  • Leaderboard: Navigation broken #705
  • Default wallet behavior #721
  • Tooltips: OI tooltip not in order #699
  • clean up lint warnings #636
  • Paused markets bugs #714

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