New Futures Release April 4th, 2022
April 5th, 2022

The release includes big steps forward in Kwenta's quest to deliver fully optimized on-chain Perpetual Futures on Layer 2 Optimism. Core Contributors & the Kwenta devDAO bring the Kwenta Community a round of Futures optimizations to kick off the week and present this list of optimizations that made it into this release.

This is another step towards ensuring that our upcoming Futures Competition is a fluid experience for participants & we will continue to listen to our community, and refine the Kwenta trading experience based on user needs and feedback.

Futures Positions on the Market Page

Looking at the BTC-PERP market and wondering how your ETH-PERP or any other open positions are doing? We now display open positions in other markets below the TradingView charts!

Raise gas buffer

We raised the gas buffer one more time, among other improvements to transaction handling, to significantly improve the out-of-gas error handling on Kwenta. Traders should see a significant reduction in failed orders due to incorrect gas calculations.

Wallet Connect Updates

The Connect Wallet modal received several visible improvements, brought to you by community members part of the devDAO; can you spot them?

Average Entry Price / 24h Volume

Our Futures platform now correctly calculates the average entry price on your open positions. Previously “last entry” was used when displaying trade information instead of the more logically preferred “average entry” price. We also addressed an issue related to the 24h Volume being inaccurately displaced.

Other changes included in this release:

  • OrderSizing: Reset input value #489
  • Merge dev into v2-dev and fix conflicts #525
  • Handle network changes #554
  • Update readme #562
  • Position card fixes #571
  • Changing order of fees & last entry price for better balance #574
  • Add Futures Positions to Market Page #441
  • Switch to useSynthetixTx #585
  • Raise gas buffer #539
  • Fix connected network state color #561
  • Futures UI tweaks #586
  • Improve disconnect wallet state #542
  • Fixing lint issues in v2-dev #593
  • Ci run wallet actions #599
  • V2 Release #3: fix lint warnings #602
  • Fixing npm audit issues in v2-dev #605
  • Fixing unit test issues in v2-dev #606

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