Futures Beta Update - TradingView Chart Update
April 28th, 2022

As decentralized exchanges (DEXs) evolve, their functionalities become more and more advanced, often matching those of centralized exchanges (CEXs) and Kwenta is leading the charge. It has been ~2 months since the launch of Futures on Kwenta, and much progress has been made since the last update and it is once again time to share what’s new and improved with Kwenta this update.

A quick look at the developments since our last update:

  • Fix Candles / TV Chart Update
  • Markets: Deposit/Withdraw History
  • Implement Profit Calculator
  • Time since oracle update

Fix Candles/ TV Chart Update

Kwenta traders for some time have enjoyed the powerful and full suite of tools the TradingView chart integration on Kwenta has to offer. Due to oracle latency and previous graph limits Kwenta was unable to intuitively and accurately display lower time frame charts. This changes NOW! Kwenta traders can now get access to lower time frame candlesticks from 15min all the way down to the 1min time frame.

Trade like a pro with 5m candles
Trade like a pro with 5m candles

Markets Deposit/Withdraw History

With this update, Kwenta enabled its Transfers tab across the dApp. Traders on Kwenta have been left in the dark for too long when it comes to funds transferred in and out of isolated Futures markets on Kwenta. This will no longer be the case with the release of this update. Traders looking for their deposit/withdraw history look no further.

New deposit & withdraw history
New deposit & withdraw history

Implement Profit Calculator

Risk management is probably the most important part of a trading strategy, without it, you are always at risk of losing your whole bankroll. This new calculator is a great tool for any new or expert crypto trader & will show you exactly how much you should invest to maintain your preferred R:R ratio. The calculator works great on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and any other PERP that you can trade, it will do the job whether you are going Long or Short!

Find the outcome of a trade before you take it
Find the outcome of a trade before you take it

Market Info Box Redesign

Cleaned up and updated the data shown in the MarketInfoBox in preparation for the Markets page revamp being worked on. We removed the redundant Leverage and Liquidation Price data already displayed in the Position Card for any open positions on Kwenta.

Time since last oracle update

Kwenta utilizes the decentralized Chainlink oracle network which provides up-to-date token price data to smart contracts on Ethereum. Currently, Kwenta utilizes the Synthetix protocol and its respective ExchangeRates contract to retrieve frequently stored price updates. Oracles update at a predetermined Heartbeat (about 15 minutes), or if a price deviation threshold (usually 25bps) is hit. Since price updates can be somewhat random we’ve implemented a ‘since last oracle update’ tooltip. This timer will display when users hover over the asset display in the Market Info box.

Further changes included in this release:

  • Fix Candles #745
  • Futures Portfolio Value broken #740
  • Forex: Raise decimals #695
  • Add links to dashboard #642
  • Leaderboard: Search Field Improvements #731
  • Paused Markets issues #712
  • Fix lint warning #758
  • MarketInfoBox Redesign #727
  • swap css fixes #764
  • fixing responsive issue with react table #763
  • Kwenta tracking code #756
  • Implement Position Calculator #656
  • Markets: Deposit/Withdraw History #653
  • default lint before commit #768
  • Add time since last oracle update tooltip #618
  • Disable Open Position button for maxed out OI markets #673
  • TradingView: Add granular timeframes #444

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