Futures Beta Update - Responsiveness
May 26th, 2022

Time for another weekly update. Kwenta core contributors working in harmony with the devDAO are wrapping up some of the final changes necessary to bring v2 out of beta. While small, these updates combined take the Kwenta trading interface to a new level of responsiveness, bringing traders more accurate, real-time updates typically found on centralized exchanges. Let’s dig into the details.

Our Latest changes since our Futures update #12 :

UI/UX improvements:

  • Show Exchange and Dynamic Fee #496
  • Confirm Refetching #871 (Improve Data Responsiveness #876)
  • Confirm/Close Order Modals: Improve Gas Price #850
  • TradingView: Add subscribeBars function #798

Minor Fixes:

  • Dashboard uPnL % not correct #845
  • Trade History Colors reversed #861
  • Fix Tx Notification Layout #857
  • Trading History Panel: Align Table #884
  • Fix Nav Highlighting #882
  • Bump actions/setup-node from 2 to 3 #893
  • Bump actions/upload-artifact from 3.0.0 to 3.1.0 #899
  • Remove obsolete synthetix-data package #894

Show Exchange and Dynamic Fee

Currently, we only show the total sUSD value of the fees charged in their entirety when traders open a Futures position, without the user understanding the composition of the fee. We now display the current assets base exchange fee as well as the dynamic fee, if applicable. If you are trading directly on Kwenta, a small icon will show the Dynamic Exchange fee charged for your trade. If it is not shown, no dynamic exchange fee is levied.

Dynamic Fee in Action
Dynamic Fee in Action

Confirm/Close Order Modals: Improve Gas Price #850

The Confirm Order and Close Order modals, still use the "Gas Price" indicated in Gwei, which isn’t intuitive on L2 Optimism where transactions cost are minuscule. To streamline the UI, we now show on both occasions Deposit/Withdrawing margin or confirming an order the Gas Fee estimated in USD.

Fees in USD denomination
Fees in USD denomination

Try these new features, UI improvements & responsiveness updates at:

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