Futures Beta Update: V2 Website Launch

Today marks the first in a series of major upgrades for Kwenta. This new era for Kwenta Futures trading is only just beginning, but we’re excited to present this first set of awesome new features and UI improvements and unveil just a small peek at what’s in the pipeline for the weeks to come. Let's recap some numbers before we dig into ‘what’s new’! In just under three months, Kwenta Futures Exchange v2 has put in some impressive stats, including:

  • $2B+ in notional volume
  • Facilitated 15k+ trades across all markets
  • 3000+ traders (with 0 incentives)
  • $0 in lost user funds
  • 14 releases, including many quality of life improvements

Impressive numbers for a Beta platform that's only been available for under five months; we aren’t stopping there and present the Kwenta community with a slew of upgrades this round that is sure to turbo charge their trading experience on Kwenta.

Release highlights

  • New v2 Landing Page (officially deprecates v1 Kwenta)
  • Light Mode
  • Position Share Card
  • Tradingview Upgrades

Kwenta Core Contributors and the devDAO introduce many anticipated features to our trading platform today that we know the community will be thrilled to know about.

We’ll keep this relatively brief and focus on this release's main value propositions. The Lambo release is the result of Kwenta’s commitment to a user-driven approach to DeFi, which creates unmatched, no-limits access to powerful financial tools for all users alike.

Early this year, 2022, we began an initiative/mission to revamp the Kwenta dApp, leaving no stone unturned; all aspects of the v1 implementation have gotten or are in the final stages of completing this journey. Today we get to share our brand new v2 landing page. We couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out. Providing a more straightforward oversight and information about all aspects of Kwenta more accurately represents the changes to the Kwenta system and its overall offerings and enables more active engagement for visitors.

📍 Head to our revamped landing page to learn about Kwenta and start trading on Kwenta.

The v1 Kwenta dApp can still be accessed at https://legacy.kwenta.io/exchange)

Light Mode

Alright, alright, we heard you! Since its inception, traders on Kwenta haven’t had many choices in preferred themes. Although we try not to be opinionated, we figured most people prefer a dark-themed experience. Still, we were wrong, albeit being a quieter audience; some people prefer a lighter/brighter experience when interacting with web content. We flipped the switch and turned on the lights. Dark and light modes are now available on Kwenta traders, who can easily pick their flavor. What’ll it be anon the lights on or off?

Lights On
Lights On

Tradingview Upgrades and Position Sharing

Kwenta traders for some time have enjoyed the powerful and full suite of tools the TradingView chart integration has to offer. Due to oracle latency and previous graph limits, Kwenta was unable to intuitively and accurately display a variety of time frames on its charts. This changes now! Kwenta traders can now access lower time frame candlesticks all the way up to monthly candles; sometimes, traders just need HTF (Higher time frame) perspectives.

Higher Time frames now AVAILABLE
Higher Time frames now AVAILABLE

In addition to offering more robust timeframes, Kwenta gained yet another new feature. Traders have repeatedly requested to be able to share open positions within their trading groups easily, and was deemed a necessary feature, and we couldn't agree more. After careful design, we landed on what we think is the perfect, elegant, and easy on the eyes design for this card. Traders now have a share button at their disposal when they carry an open position for any of our available assets. Go ahead, don’t be shy brag away!

Share Open Positions
Share Open Positions

Community Developers

We’ve had fantastic success with community developers aiding in building out the Kwenta dApp. The Kwenta devDAO is genuinely remarkable and allows us to engage & tap into a very talented part of the Kwenta community. Since our plans have always been community-owned and built, seeing this aspect of the kwentaDAO thrive excites us.

To date, Kwenta community developers have claimed 6000+ $SNX in rewards, and 30+ contributors. While all Kwenta devDAO participants are incredible, we’d like to take a moment in this article to congratulate and thank a few of our most active contributors; community members like @soup, @Mai, and @Shawn have notably gone above and beyond in helping Kwenta thrive. In short? Not all heroes wear capes!

Next Steps

In the coming weeks, Kwenta will deliver some of the largest changes yet to the trading experience, and rolling out some of the most highly anticipated features that have been on our wish list since the launch of our Futures Beta. These upgrades will include mobile support, 25x leverage on some assets, and more. As we lay this foundation, we are finalizing our H2 roadmap and look forward to bringing the community on stage and providing more clarity on the direction Kwenta is headed post token launch.

Today's launch is the first step down the path of supercharging our trading experience, deepening the level of community involvement, and imagining Kwenta as one of the most genuinely innovative projects in DeFi. We’ve got more up our sleeves and have been tirelessly working to bring an entirely new experience directly to the palm of your hands, but we’ll spare you the details for another time.

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