Kwenta Council Elections are Live

The Kwenta Council Elections are live! All $KWENTA stakers are invited to participate in the elections by selecting a council representative on Snapshot. Your vote will shape the future of Kwenta.

What is the Kwenta Council?

The Kwenta Council is a 5 entity representative body which votes on Kwenta Improvement Proposals, or KIPs. A KIP may be submitted by any community member, and is a proposal to direct DAO policy and protocol development. All community members may participate in the KIP process by proposing KIPs, and attending KIP presentations in Discord, but only Kwenta Council members may vote. See the Kwenta Governance Page to learn more.

Once elected, each council serves for a period of 3 months. Following the election, the next council transition will occur on April 2nd, and the new council will oversee KwentaDAO policy for Q2, 2024.

How do I vote?

Only holders of Staked $KWENTA tokens may vote. In order to participate in this election, your Kwenta must have already been staked during the snapshot, as mentioned in our previous blog.

Each staked $KWENTA represents 1 vote, and each wallet may vote for a single candidate. The election was opened on March 21st at 00:11 UTC, and will remain open for exactly 1 week, closing on March 28th at 00:00 UTC.

To vote, simply head to Snapshot and connect your wallet.

Who is running?

During the nomination period, prospective council members gave their pitch in Discord. While all community members are welcome to engage in Discord governance channels and ask questions to the candidates, we’ve compiled the pitches here in this blog for your convenience.

Please read the council pitches carefully and make your choice. Happy voting!

The Candidates

1. milkywave

gm, gud coin and Kwenta freens.

I'll start with what I didn't find very great in the last epoch: a total of 10 KIPs were discussed and voted on. 50% of the KIPs received only 4 (out of 5 council members) or even less votes (c'mon guys you have one job!) I can guarantee you, if I get a seat, I will give my opinion on every proposal and vote.

Now i'm nice again: I think the next epoch will be challenging. We are somewhere in the middle of the bull market, day by day new memecoins and the next super good chain or or whatever is popping up and we get a lot of criticism that we are too sluggish. I disagree - consistency will help us survive the next few years and not just be a hype like most of the things that have popped up in the last few months!

I am of the opinion that tokenomics changes make sense (e.g. a token split, increase lock for higher APY, etc.), LPs should be designed as efficiently as possible - the cluster risk should still be taken into account, we should look beyond the SNX eco - new partnerships such as Perennial should be considered in detail and encouraged, push the marketing to get new users and boost volume (more competitions, more social campaigns, etc.), trying to find a solution and transform the Kwenta protocol into sustainable model and and last but not least, of course, the stakers should be adequately compensated.

I think with my experience and my active behavior in the community I would be a good member of the Kwenta Council- also to bring some fresh blood into the council and try to make the whole governance a bit more active than the last epochs.

Thanks. Vote for the milk!

ENS: cocomilk.eth

2. sn61

Me: sn61

Intro: Gmeow. Background in product/dev & mechanism design. Contributed to/advised some early eth infrastructure projects before taking the anon investing and trading path.

Why vote for me:

  • Am terminally online: thus I will not just vote on and gib meaningful feedback to all proposals, but can help edit/write new ones with community members as needed.

  • I have been happily staking & running funding rate arbs for months now, meaning I already use Kwenta's products daily and will continue to. I can help w/ product feedback & strategy as both a trader & a liquidity provider. Am looking forward to upcoming tokenomics revamp.

  • Kwenta's potential is extremely high given the core team's development velocity and current "sticky" un-incentivized volume; I'd like to be a part of helping it grow long-term.

Eth Address:

3. Monte² (Jeremy) | Kwenta

gm, gud protocol

I'm one of the OG core contributors of Kwenta, "pre-kwenta-synthetix split out CC" as some have called it. My specialty is all things engineering, with ~8 years of experience developing and architecting technical systems, however, I also have some experience in product management being a UI/UX designer earlier in my career.

After falling down the crypto rabbit hole several years ago, I've dabbled in everything from mining and trading to DeFi and NFTs. I believe my broad, yet deep interest in crypto lends me a lot context to fall back upon when making decisions.

I'd like to take up a more formal role of guiding strategy over the next epoch. Given my background I believe I can provide a strong guiding hand on which products are worth our while and the challenges of developing certain solutions.

My goals are to:

  • Ensure the products we ship are S tier and our brand is recognized for quality by all in the industry

  • Refine proposals from the community to focus on delivering the best value for Kwenta

  • Aggressively capture value to:

    • Build sustainable value in Kwenta DAO's future

    • Maintain the success of our current protocol

    • Return value to token stakers

This is a critical time for Kwenta (as noted by Andotlas | Kwenta in his blog post) with multiple transformations and product lines taking place and I'm excited to help spearhead our future.

I don't believe you'll find anyone more tapped into finding success for Kwenta. Lend me your vote and I'll ensure Kwenta becomes the black hole that envelopes all of DeFi

Lead Dev, Jeremy


4. JVK

I was previously on Kwenta council but took a "break" from crypto last election and did not run. (Well technically I was probably on a multisig voting account but I never had to make a tie breaking vote or anything like that.) Either way I'm all refreshed and reenergized and ready to once again try to help Kwenta DAO beat the next crypto bosses and continue the climb to the citadel in the sky.


5. eli_defi | Arbitrum Foundation

During my first epoch as a council member I helped facilitate Kwentas move to Arbitrum, that in itself makes for a successful epoch. If voted in again you can expect more great things as Kwenta continues its multi chain growth. I’ll post my previous personal summary below for those who don’t remember

Nomination: @eli_defi | Arbitrum Foundation

Intro: Community Lead at the Arbitrum Foundation, 4 years working in web3, start-up experience, project advisor, DAO maxi

Pitch: I've been working at the Arbitrum Foundation for a year, and I have spent a lot of that time building and supporting the DAO ecosystem from the start, which we refer to as "stewarding the DAO". I haven't seen a more decentralized DAO framework than the ArbitrumDAO, and my wish is to help instill those values into other governance ecosystems such as Kwenta. I truly believe in the "DAO experiment" that we're all participating in, and I bring a strong set of decentralized values, experience, and integrity to help take it beyond experimentation. I understand that a lot of the previous councils have been baked from the internal ecosystem of Kwenta and Synthetix, and I think an outside vantage point will bring a lot of value to Kwenta and its participants. In closing, I have been watching Kwenta grow from even before it launched, in the early UI design framework days, and I am excited to see where it can go in the future with its passionate group of CCs and degen users.

EVM address: 0x59397293DA7B9014d6f959f3e0B71A88b9E6ff06


6. AJ

Gm everyone,

My name is AJ ( I'm a DeFi enthusiast and core contributor at Perennial. Recently, I proposed KIP 118 on behalf of the Perennial team. I'm eager to contribute to Kwenta's expansion plans, building upon the epic outline provided by Andotlas. My specialty lies in growth, business development, and strategy.

I've been involved in crypto for several years now, initially focusing on running node and validator infrastructure. Later, I pivoted to launching derivative protocols with a few teams, namely Tracer DAO (one of the first projects deployed on Arbitrum) and Mycelium. Both projects focused on futures (leveraged tokens and perpetuals). I have a deep understanding of perpetual products and DAOs, and I can offer a thoughtful voice to the council as we prepare for what promises to be a transformative 6-12 months and beyond.

At Perennial, we're currently ensuring a smooth transition onto Arbitrum for the Kwenta team. Our goal is to replicate and, in some areas, improve upon what currently exists on Optimism and Base deployments. Having a representative from a key partner on the council will ensure a seamless transition in terms of shipping best-in-class trading features, liquidity, and markets for Kwenta.

I would relish the opportunity to take up a formal role and help guide the next epoch. While I obviously have an interest in the integration of Perennial, I will evaluate new partnerships fairly based on their merit. It's in everyone's best interests to continue growing the Kwenta pie from both a volume and liquidity perspective!

All the best Kwentans, up only from here. AJ


7. Barko.eth

Hello Kwentoids, it is I, Burt Rock, here for Barko.

The Barko of Epoch 1, 2024

I am here posting on behalf of a glorious governance experiment we call Barko, which is a 2/3 multisig responsible for being a unified voice of like minded CCs on the council. In the current epoch, Barko serves you as Burt Rock | Web5 Fan (that's me) and sativa nakamoto | backseatdev leading (special thanks to JVK as our alternate for the last epoch).

What the heck is Barko any why?

Barko began as the first multisig entity on a DAO council, and I believe its members have contributed significantly to the strategy and roadmap of our v3 launch, and support our move in to aggregation and expansion to Base. Marko and myself are both active traders and heavy Kwenta users, and able to add this unique experience as well as a deep familiarity with the internal goings-on at Kwenta. We chose to do this on a multisig in order to check and balance each other while still consuming only a single seat, ensuring a larger number of seats are available for our dedicated community members.

We believe this experiment has been a success, it's gone on to inspire another successful multisig entity (snaxfrens.eth on the SNX council), and is ready to be carried forward to test the limits of participatory governance.

Barko in Epoch 2, 2024

Barko.eth now adds a new member, Jared | Kwenta, forming a powerful thruple by adding a valuable technical mind to the entity, which will be essential in the decision making process as we move toward our most ambitious epoch yet.

The Barko Promise

We promise to offer mutual support and strong collective leadership as we construct a new, more independent Kwenta which is made by Kwentoids, for Kwentoids, and provides fundamental value to its users by bringing them the best pricing, the deepest liquidity, and the best incentives across multiple chains.

So please consider voting for the new, improved, Barko.eth entity, your only 3-in-1 council member, consisting of Jared | Kwenta, sativa nakamoto | backseatdev, and Burt Rock | Web5 Fan.




Hey guys im running again

I have a lot more experience now thanks to my time on the spartan council. I am active and reliable. I won't vote for anything stupid. And I will do everything in my power to ensure Kwenta dominates the perpdex market.


9. Electric

gm kwencats, 
 Ready to roll up my sleeves for another term with Kwenta's council . My background? Active trader diving deep into tokenomics ( and pushing for a truly decentralized DeFi space. From the frontlines of Kwenta and Thales governance to advocating for open access and innovation, I've been there. With Synthetix perps v3, fee sharing, perps aggregation, new chains and KSX on the horizon, the next epoch look thrilling. My aim? Keep us innovating, strenghten our income sources, and make sure our community thrives. Excited about what's next and always here for a chat. Let's shape the future of Kwenta together.


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